Relive the 80s of yesterday with the interior design of tomorrow

If you're looking at redecorating an old, tired space, you're probably thinking hard about what colours to use.

You could throw out the furniture that's in there, repaint with bright neutrals and open the space up a bit, certainly. You could even go futuristic and have clean, shiny steel, glossy black and a range of gadgetry. However, if you're looking at brightening a room up without going all Star Wars on it, look a little to the past. 

The 80s are making a comeback at the moment, offering a luminous colour wheel and quirky design aesthetic to living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens all across the country. So how should you decorate with 30 years ago in mind?

The Color Purple

Christos Prevezanos of Studio Preveza, in an interview with House Beautiful magazine, suggested that he is designing with pastel colours as a way to embrace the 80s as a modern trend. They add a splash of colour to the room, perhaps even some quirkiness, but don't overpower the senses by being too strong or bright. 

Neon is also commonly used when taking a living space back to the future. However, utilising such fluorescent hues for a main feature may be too much. Instead, why not enrich a space with accents of neon? Colours such as Resene Knock Out make for great patterns either on your cushions, curtains or other accent pieces.

The Untouchables

And what about your furnishings? Well depending how classic you want your room to look will define what you use for your furniture pieces. 

If you're a puritan, or just want a more authentic feel, take a look at the patterned wonders of chintz. A chintz-inspired room utilises a range of floral patterns in a variety of colours upon glossy surfaces and fabrics. This style is popular in couches, curtains and ornaments, and you can use a range of colours for it. For example, if you want a relaxing feel, go for Resene Endorphin on a backdrop of white, whereas Resene Mandy will warm your place up. 

However, to some, chintz is still unsightly. If you are part of this group, minimalist geometrical shapes grew to popularity in the 80s. Quirky bookshelves, surreal chairs and unusual ornaments were all the rage, and have made more than a comeback in recent years – meaning you can have the 80s feel but still maintain a sense of modernity. Neon colours work well for these, and don't be afraid to splash out and stray away from reds, blues and neutrals with Resene Turbo or something similar.

Country home style from America

Country homes were popular in America during the 80s, with rustic looks and Southwestern stylings spreading beyond farmhouses and hunting lodges. If you want that homely appeal in your home, try a wooden floor of a medium hue, with wooden furniture featuring around the area as well. Oak in particular was a popular wood type. Logs look great in ceilings if you're renovating, offering a traditional country style, accompanied by a traditional black log fire at the centre of the living space.

Alternatively, some country homes utilised the chintz look as well. Throw in some wicker ornaments, an open-plan kitchen and a freshly made cup of tea and you're well on your way to experiencing the 80s country appeal. 

Just because it happened in the past doesn't mean it shouldn't happen again. Sometimes looking to the past can be a great inspiration for future design, and the same can definitely be said for the 80s. Indulge in their quirky sensibilities and design aesthetics and brighten your home up for tomorrow. 

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