Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs: 7 ways with white!

When trawling the internet and magazines for home decorating ideas, it's easy to think big: bold patterns, zany colours and a mash-up of various trends.

However, the answer is sometimes more simple.

White is popular for a reason: It's crisp, it makes spaces look bigger and it's forever contemporary. Plus, there is an extensive selection of white paint available, from cool shades to warmer hues. 

If you're thinking about keeping it simple and embracing white in the home, here are our tips for getting that snowflake freshness.

Kitchen island

A smooth, polished kitchen island is both practical and beautiful. A good-quality countertop with ample storage space beneath it could add value to your home too, which is worth keeping at the back of your mind should you choose to sell up in the future. 

If opulence is your game, opt for marble. Alternatively, you might look at white soapstone or another polished countertop material to bring a sense of calmness and practicality into one of the most important rooms in the house.

Bathroom tiles

While Tetris is known for its bright colours and experimental geometry, bathroom tiles can look striking if you adopt a more refined approach.

Sure, there's nothing with bringing bright colours into the bathroom. However, if you want to make the most of a small space and play up the idea of cleanliness, cool white tiles could be an excellent option for the bathroom.

You can use tiles to line the lower half of the wall and paint the upper half with an ever so slightly deeper shade, such as Resene Whiteout, a calcite white.

White floorboards

For the ultimate in Scandinavian chic, you can't go past white floorboards.

This is a good option if the flooring in your living spaces – and even bedrooms – is slightly under the weather (rather than if it's timber in tip-top condition). Wash and sand down the floorboards before applying Resene Double Alabaster. A feature rug in a complementary shade like Resene Bison Hide will finish the space off perfectly.

Dining chairs

Continuing on the theme of crisp Scandinavian design, why not invest in white dining chairs?

Opt for fiberglass models that have a sense of fluidity to them, rather than of rigidity. Think chairs that are curvaceous, with dainty, brushed-metal legs.

White breakfast bar stools are a winner, too.

Window frames

Perhaps an all-white interior sounds a bit too clinical for your liking.

If so, select a pale grey or yellow shade for the walls and paint the interior window frames a sharp white such as Resene Half Concrete.

You can use this approach on the exterior of your home too, which is sure to make your house stand out from the rest.

White plus bright

Say you're a big fan of embracing white, but you also feel like your living room needs a bit of colour.

If so, it's time for a feature wall. 

You'll need to pick a bright shade for one wall and choose a white hue that matches it for the remaining space in your living area.

For instance, say you choose a warm red, such as Resene Pohutukawa. If you use this for a feature wall, you'll need to select a white with warm red or pink tones.

However, if you selected a colourful hue like Resene Galliano for a feature wall, painting the corresponding walls a yellow-hued neutral like Resene Quarter Villa White could be a good move.

White waffle

For a true feeling of freshness and comfort wrapped up together, you can't go past white waffle bed linen.

Duvet covers and pillowcases often utilise this luxurious, textured material. Pair it with high-thread count cotton sheets for the ultimate in bedroom luxury.

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