Specialist paint for classrooms

When you're in charge of the interior design of a school, you'll want to consider adding fun and creative spaces to inspire creativity. Functional blackboards and whiteboards can be useful for not only teachers to display instructions and ideas to students, but kids will also love scribbling all over these surfaces.

Blackboard paint

Traditional blackboards have been just that – wooden boards of a certain size mounted to a wall. These days, blackboards can be any shape or size you want, and they don't have to be limited to the wall.

Resene Blackboard Paint can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. It's perfect for use inside schools as its size is limitless – you could apply a small square of it on each student's desks and give them a few minutes each day to draw whatever is inspiring them, or paint an entire classroom wall in the product.

The paint is a premium scrubbable acrylic coating, making it easy to clean at the end of each day. It's best applied to a prepped and primed surface, with two coats optimal for even coverage. It can applied with a brush or roller, and is even available in a 500mL can for those with smaller areas. Another bonus of using the paint is that it's been approved as an Environmental Choice product, so you're not only benefiting the school but you're helping look after the planet.

Teachers can use good-quality chalk to create masterpieces and correct any mistakes with a soft duster. A damp cloth can be wiped over the painted surface to return it to an "as new" condition.

You could even apply your blackboard paint in a unique shape, depending on what you plan to use it for. If the classroom has a high achievers or gold star system, you could paint a blackboard star on the wall for teachers to record the names of those who have been working hard or achieving highly. Teachers and students can use different coloured chalk to draw pictures or differentiate between key points. The options are endless!

Magnetic paint

Teachers who love displaying things on walls without leaving holes in them will love Resene Magnetic Magic. The paint transforms surfaces into magnetic boards where you can hang posters, pictures and photos simply with magnets.

The paint is best teamed with high quality magnets to achieve the most strength, and smooth thick applications of the product will ensure the best finish. Different surfaces will require different primers, so refer to the product datasheet before selecting the best one for your job. A minimum of two coats is advised, and it's a good idea to cover the surface with a topcoat such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel.

Write-on Wall Paint

If you love the idea of a blackboard in the classroom but think a different colour would look better, consider using Resene Write-on Wall Paint. This is truly a magic product – it has a clear finish, allowing the existing paint colour to show through, and instantly transforms the surface into a virtual whiteboard. It can then be drawn on in whiteboard markers or liquid chalk, which are available in a myriad of colours.

It's a great idea for kids who love scribbling all over walls – simply add a couple of coats of the write-on paint to the wall and they'll have a designated area they can decorate. A soft cloth or whiteboard eraser will quickly clean off the space and provide a clean slate for budding artists or list makers.

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