Tips for a cosy living space

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is – so make sure you're in love with your property!

One way to ensure you adore rather than despise your most valuable asset is to make it as cosy as possible. From ensuring you maintain an appropriate temperature to adding splashes of warm colour to your highly frequented living spaces, there are plenty of ways to make your home is as cosy as possible. 

Here is a collection of home decorating tips to make your living space feel ultra cosy. You'll be so snug you'll never want to leave area! Pick and choose whichever tips appeal. 

Warm paint tones

While this might seem like an obvious hint, that doesn't make it any less valuable. 

All paints have underlying tones, whether they're warm or cool. If your living area is south-facing, it's the perfect contender for rich paint colours with warm undertones. North-facing rooms will get a lot of sun and are often better suited to paint shades with cooler tones.

Colours such as Resene Breakfree, Resene Bonfire and Resene Lexington are ideal choices. From deep reds to rich browns, paints with these kinds of base tones will make a room feel incredibly warm and inviting. 

If you're hesitant about painting all your walls a bold shade, you could create a feature wall and paint the remaining walls a welcoming cream shade, such as Resene Haystack.

Alternatively, paint your walls a neutral cream and go wild with a rich red or soothing brown ceiling for a point of difference.

Wicker sofa

For a country feel, why not invest in a wicker sofa?

When topped with comfortable cushions and sitting atop wooden floorboards, you'll obtain a feeling of real cosiness.

This is ideal if you want to embrace a low-key aesthetic that doesn't feel too contrived. Pair it with off-white walls and your favourite artwork.

Turn up the heat

To make any space feel cosier, you've got to consider warmth in a literal sense. 

A fireplace adds a charming feel – think about all those winter nights you can gather round the fire with a hot drink, watching a movie with the kids or playing a board game. 

If your home doesn't have a fireplace installed, don't go making huge structural changes. An electric fireplace with fake coals can warm the space up, without the hassle of clearing out ash or stoking the fire.

Even if a fireplace isn't a go, you should still consider ways to keep warm. Heat pumps are a popular option for busy families – simply switch them on when you get home from work and let the room heat up. Many of these units double as air conditioners in the summer, meaning your home will be perfectly comfortable, year round.

Zesty travel vibe

If you've caught the travel bug, you might be wondering if there's any point making your area cosy – in an ideal world, you'll be exploring the globe at every free chance!

However, reality will probably strike at some time. You can't roam around Europe or eat your way around South America 24/7, so why not make your living space reflect your travel aspirations?

Opt for neutral walls and furniture, then spice things up with blankets and cushions from exotic locations. Play up bright colours, such as lime green, electric yellow and azalea. You can afford to be a bit playful with these vibrant colours, given that they're only used for accessories, rather than big-ticket items, such as the furniture or curtains.

Make sure you've got a stack of travel books or magazines on the coffee table, and finish the look off with a large mural of the world or your favourite overseas city using Resene WallPrint.

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