Top 3 wallpaper worthy views to photograph on your travels

When you head off on that whirlwind holiday you've been dreaming of, you're bound to have some must-do attractions on the itinerary – from trying the local cuisine to visiting that incredible museum.

One of the best ways to make these memories last is to document your trip with photos of some of the incredible sights you encounter along the way. But instead of just flicking though them on your computer, or even printing them out, why not bring the magic of your adventures home by immortalising your favourite shot as a feature wall? 

With Resene WallPrint, you can transform your photos into a custom designed wallpaper, giving them pride of place in your home. A photograph feature wall is a stylistic statement, and can breathe new life into either a home or office space. 

To help you get the most out of your customised wallpaper, here are some of our favourite vistas that make the perfect candidates for Resene WallPrint. 

To Tokyo! Shibuya Crossing 

This iconic area of Japan's capital city is renowned for being possibly the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. Bordered by buildings with strong geometric lines on the road, the moment the signal sounds to walk, 'the Scramble' of hundreds of pedestrians is the perfect encapsulation of the city. 

To capture it in action, you have a few options. The large Starbucks diagonally opposite from the Shibuya train station is elevated above the crossing, and offers a good view across. For a different perspective which can really capture the scale of the crossing, head to the Shibuya Mark City building, and ride the elevator to the 25th floor. Up here you'll find a glass wall which allows you to look right down over the Shibuya crossing and snap the perfect shot! 

To Canada! Rocky Mountains 

The perfect way to add a touch of nature to your indoor space, Canada's Rocky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to some of the most beautiful views around. To capture the expansiveness and tranquillity Canada has to offer, schedule a stop off in the hamlet of Lake Louise in Alberta. 

Lake Louise has one of the best views tucked away in the mantle of the mountains, which you can photograph from the lake edge. Take your time and observe how the light changes the colours of the scene, highlighting the bright teal of the water and creating contrast on the snow frosted mountains in the background. One of the best spots to take your shot is in front of the Chateau Fairmont – take a tripod if you can. 

To Paris! The cityscape 

Ah, Paris. This enigmatic city is just bursting with opportunities to capture its beauty. One of the wonderful things about Paris is that the majority of the inner city buildings have been constructed to specific height specifications, meaning that with a little elevation, you can get the perfect sweeping panorama. 

Why not combine a visit to the magnificent Arc de Triomphe with a trip to the top of this impressive structure? Positioned on the sophisticated right bank, it offers a view straight down the historical axis that runs from Arche de la Defense in the west, through the Champs Elysees to Arc du Carrosuel and the Louvre. 

How can I complement my new photo feature wall? 

While you're snapping away at your favourite view, take a second to consider how the rest of the room will balance with your new wallpaper. For a complementary effect, pick out a key colour in the view, be it the sky, the sunset or greenery, and take a quick snap for the Resene ColourMatch.

This clever tool helps you find Resene paint colours inspired by the hues in your scene, making it easy to set the mood in your space using inspiration from your travel photo.

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