Transform your home into a never-ending summer paradise

With winter just around the corner and summer well and truly in the past, it's time for the curtains to be drawn early in the evening and for most of us to spend extended time indoors. However, the end of the warmer months doesn't have to mean leaving the sun behind completely.

With a lick of paint and a new colour scheme, you can easily bring the season back and spend those long autumn and winter nights in the comfort of a summer-inspired home.

If you're not ready to let go of the long sunny days and beach-side fun, we've got just the colours to help you capture the essence of summer all year round.

Fresh summer fruits

Summer is all about backyard barbecues, refreshing beverages and juicy seasonal fruits. There's nothing quite like the hot December, January and February days for picking fresh berries, biting into juicy peaches or enjoying a large crispy salad.

And fortunately the invigorating cuisine doesn't need to be confined to your plate. Celebrate the summer menu by adding some strikingly fresh features around your home. Deep purples and reds will remind you the delicious berries and fruit of the season, while cooler greens can spark memories of the raw salads served alongside your barbecue fares.

Capture this feeling all through the year with a deep Resene Raspberry, which works great as a feature in living spaces or bedrooms. Try adding as an accent to give your favourite rooms a unique pop without dominating the space.

Alternatively, a fresh Resene Chelsea Cucumber highlight is a vibrant addition to any home. This light and breezy green works well in either small or large doses. Give your bathroom a refreshing accent or create summery patterns in your hall for a bright welcome into your home.

Budding blooms

Although the new buds are more of a spring fling, it doesn't hurt to capture the beauty of fresh blooms. As your garden (hopefully!) flourishes with hardy autumn and winter plants, you can easily complement the muted tones with a bright celebration of the flowers of the warmer season.

Consider painting your flower pots or other outside features glowing yellow or vibrant pink to create a striking contrast between your summer palette and autumn garden.

Beach and sea

The beach is a must-visit location in summer, and in autumn you can make the beach come to you with muted sandy tones, such as Resene Piha Sand, to help capture the essence of long, hot days in the sun at the seaside.

Or immerse into a feature wall or room of Resene Seachange, an ideal colour to represent the salty waves crashing on your favourite beach. Blue tones such as Resene Seachange work well as a relaxing addition to bedrooms or bathrooms. Break out from white ceiling paint and instead continue your wall colour onto your ceiling for a cocoon of relaxing colour.

Long summer days

One of the best things about summer is the long days and short nights that mean you can stay up late at the beach and get the most out of the light as possible. As winter approaches and the days get shorter, you can extend the summer evenings in your home. Try a vibrant sunny yellow or cooler sky blue to keep things light and breezy.

For something more unique when working to reintroduce summer in your home, try painting feature walls and other highlights with colours that not only capture the high noon sun and bright blues skies, but also the early sunrises and late dusk. Deep oranges that fill the sky in the evening or dusty pinks that welcome in the day are great options to set the room aglow.

Accessorise with summer inspired cushions or upcycle old wooden furniture with a fresh bunch of summer paint colours and enjoy your favourite colours of summer year round.

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