Turn your kid’s bedroom into a dinosaur dreamland

With the sounds of thunderous roars and booming footsteps, dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago, but they still remain a huge part of our imaginations even today.

Both the young and the young at heart can get excited by a dino-tastic​ makeover for a bedroom. The great news is you can be as big with your design choices as a T-rex or as small as a microraptor. 

For the walls 

For dramatic, wall-to-wall dinosaur coverage, you can opt for this amazing dinosaur mural. It would make a stunning feature wall, showing the majesty of these creatures as they gather around a waterhole with volcanoes framing the background. 

Painting the surrounding walls in dark green and blue colours can help bring the scene in this prehistoric wall decal to life. Resene Kaitoke Green is a lovely, rich green hue sure to make the bedroom feel like an adventurous jungle.

Resene Blue Night would make an excellent ceiling colour choice. For an added wow-factor, stick on glow-in-the-dark stars so the room really transforms into a magical journey back in time beside the dinosaurs who gazed up at the galaxies of years gone by. 

To complete the forest look, add Aspen Trees wall decals to surfaces beside the mural. This is an easy-to-install wall decal (that sounds like a fun rhyme to sing with your kids as you put it up!) that will look lovely contrasted against the dark green wall tones.

If you want to envelop the room in a lush green mood, you could also think about placing the Branch wall decal horizontally above the bed frame. This style would work well with the silhouette of the other trees branching around the room. 

For the decor

Install some floating shelves beside your tree decals and display terrariums with white stones inside to contrast to the darker walls. A few succulents and potted plants can also be exhibited beside toy dinosaurs.

A simple DIY project is to print out A4 pages with words like 'Roar!' or an outline of a dinosaur footprint, frame them using ready-made photo frames, and then display them on the shelves. You could even paint the border of these frames to match the walls.

A cute way to make sure your little one always wakes up on the right side of the bed is by getting some comfortable, cosy slippers shaped like animal feet or claws and putting them on the ground. Not only is this small touch a sweet decor tool, it will keep their toes toasty in the winter months. 

For the curtains 

Kids love having a lot of detail and colour in their bedroom, and these decorating ideas surely give them exactly that. Because of this, the curtains should be simpler, and dial down the activity around the room. When you pull them closed at night as you tuck in your little one, you'd probably want the fabric to have a calming, relaxing tone. 

Some excellent curtain choices to achieve this, as well as complement the green tones and dinosaur mural, are Resene Influence in Charcoal and the Resene Haven in Naturalle. The first is shimmery and dark, great for blocking out the sunlight for nap time. The second is a sweet, relaxing neutral shade to bring some contrast to the darker wall tones. Matching bed linen and pillow case colours to either of these fabrics would help bring colour harmony to the room. 

Have fun with your dino-tastic decor while you set up the room and enjoy all the months of play in the future! 

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