Turn your room into a sanctuary with wallpaper

If your bedroom is your sanctuary, you'll want to make sure its decor reflects that. One easy way to update a space is by adding some wallpaper to match the theme of your choice.

If your taste tends to run a little towards the wild side, Resene's range of African Queen wallpaper will be perfect for you. From the tame to the bold, it covers a span of safari-themed colours and prints.

African Queen 422795 is a great choice for those who want to add a touch of the wild without fully committing to the trend. It's a neutral cream colour that is the perfect complement to most furnishings, however its interesting texture is its true selling point.

The paper is finished in a stingray-skin effect, giving it a slightly three-dimensional appearance. Because of its subdued colour, it would be a great pick for both minimalist and more vibrant spaces.

At the other end of the scale there's African Queen 422542. This is a bold paper that demands attention, making it perfect for a feature wall or room where you really want to make an impact.

It's a deep grey/silver metallic colour finished in a crocodile-skin texture. It demands to be touched and admired, and will add a touch of opulence anywhere it is utilised.

There are dozens of unique designs to choose from in the African Queen range, from stunning zebra stripes to subdued milky lion fur finishes. You could mix and match throughout your home if you want to really make a statement, or choose one room to reflect your animal instincts.

Whatever you choose, remember to have fun! Home renovations are your chance to show off your personality to all who visit, so don't be afraid to walk on the wild side.

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