Want a travel-themed living space?

There's something fascinating about an overseas experience. The idea of travelling the world and seeing all it has to offer is perhaps as engrained into our very existence as walking and breathing. 

The problem with travel, however, is that it's rather expensive. Most of us will only go on a few overseas trips in our lifetimes, though that doesn't mean to say we will never get to feel like travellers. If you're looking for some new home decorating ideas, now might be the time to think about a globetrotting theme. 

What to furnish with

Though ornaments and colour can help make up a travel theme, furniture will still be one of the main staples.

For a classic look, consider a dark leather sofa to be the centrepiece of your living area. These darker browns, dotted with golden or bronze studs, breathe a classiness into whichever room they reside, and symbolise far away lodges, posh hotels and well-travelled living areas around the world. 

Luxury stylings might not be for you, however, as they don't represent all aspects of the overseas experience. Think about which countries you'd like to visit and the colours that generally represent its people. You can easily mimic these schemes within your living room. For example, for a British feel you should have plenty of blues, akin to Resene Endeavour, and mix it up with whites and reds – much like the flag. Or maybe you want a more Zulu appeal, in which case try out beiges and browns, utilising both wood and wicker furniture. 

What to decorate with

Decorations are going to really make your space pop. 

Globes and maps look great for a neutral approach to travel, without sticking to one particular country's theme. A feature art piece of your main wall could be a large world map, either modern or classically designed, with a globe ornament resting on a side table. 

Modern travellers should consider using a wall decal or two around the space. Or take your best holiday photos and turn it into a feature wall with Resene WallPrint custom wallpaper. A fantastic silhouette of your favourite city's skyline can also feature behind your sofa or dining table.

Old suitcases shouldn't be thrown in the rubbish bin, as they can be used for all kinds of decorative pieces. For example, small suitcases can be cut down to make shelves, which you can attach to a wall for both storage convenience and visual appeal. Alternatively, large, robust suitcases can be reconstructed into desks, chairs, side tables and coffee tables, depending on your DIY level of ability. These go great with leather chairs for a 20th Century globetrotting theme.

What to colour with

As touched on earlier, the colour of your space will vary depending on the type of look you're going for. 

If you've decided on the 20th Century look, keeping to those sorts of wood-inspired colours is recommended. Check out the Resene Colorwood range to see what stains might best suit your tastes, such as Resene Meranti and Resene Mahogany. If you don't have wood already in the area, consider painting natural wood inspired paint colours from the Resene Multi-Finish Collection instead.

Those who are decorating mostly with furniture and ornaments, however, will want to stick to more basic colours in order to let the features speak for themselves. In this scenario, stick to whichever neutral works best for you, ranging from an off-white such as Resene Colonial White to a darker tone similar to Resene Slate Brown for highlights. 

You could also check out the range of Resene wallpapers, as the Passport range has some fantastic accompaniments for a travellers living area.

Then again, your theme may call for a neon wonderland, so it really all depends on what you wish to achieve. By knowing which country inspires you, you'll know which colours to choose. 

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