What can we learn from fashion?

Like it or not, fashion can significantly impact several industries other than just its own.

Interior design is constantly being updated with imports from the fashion world, from everything from colour, shape, style, patterns and accessories.

Resene even publishes its own pages on trends from the catwalk that you might see pop up in homewares stores and fabric shops, which you can see here, and The Range fashion colour fandeck so you can see the latest trend paint colours in one handy collection.

Colour blocking and combinations

The actual paint colours you see trending in stores aren't the only thing that designers nab from the runway – the way in which the colours are put together can just as often end up in your living room.

One trend that has come up recently this way has been colour blocking – the art of creating large blocks of complementary colours within the same space. You'll often see this in women's fashion with dresses, skirts and jackets designed with large panels of colour set aside one another.

Another great trend to look out for is the way designers put together outfits with different colours. This might lead you to pair two colours in the home that you never would have considered before, such as bright yellow with bright orange (yes, they do actually work together!).


Often when 'fashion police' type articles in magazines, online and on television assess a starlet's choice of clothing, they pay particular attention to the accessories.

Usually you might not even notice it, but from a trained eye, you might realise that the accessories can often make or break the entire look.

So when you're looking at adding the finishing touches to your home, remember that they need just as much thought as the rest of your design choices.

For a start, don't over accessorise. A few touches here and there is often all you need – and sometimes, you won't even need anything at all – as would be the case with a highly patterned dress or a detailed wallpaper.

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