What does the colour of your front door say about you?

When you were deciding to paint your front door, did you spend hours poring over the decision, or did you just pick the first colour that looked nice and matched your trim? Well, actually, you may not have just been selecting a colour – you were actually picking your personality!

The psychology behind the colours we choose to incorporate into our lives can be reflective of our natural character. That being said, what do you think a black door has to say about your decision? Do you think it evokes a warm welcome, or does it give you a less desirable curb appeal? Don't worry, that answer – and more – is revealed below:


A red door is such a vibrant pop of colour on the block. The Washington Post explains that a red, or similar tone like magenta gives of a fun side, and even dares to say that you're a bit of a wild child. Nothing wrong there. This likely means that when your guests walk up to your door, they're already expecting a good time.

Resene Red Berry is a good, bright paint colour for your door if this is the vibe you want to share with your neighbours. 


Purple has always been associated with royalty in the past, and as it turns out, Houzz notes that it's a fairly popular tone as far as doors go. As visitors approach this door and you'll subconsciously share your good tidings and energy.

Resene Pukeko will give your door the perfect amount of energy.

Strangers won't be able to resist knocking on your door.Strangers won't be able to resist knocking on your door.


Yellow tones are similar to red in that they standout to anyone who loops through the neighbourhood. But Realtor.com explains that this is a colour of someone who is optimistic and outgoing. Don't be surprised if even strangers wave to you when they walk by your happy door.

Resene Wild Thing has just the right amount of sunshine for your door.


Blue is for bold! A blue door is memorable to all, suggests the Washington Post. However it also evokes a feeling of trust, which is great, because you want your guests to feel comfortable in your home. 

Resene True Blue says you can trust the family behind this door!


Never mind the old saying, 'green with envy' – this colour now gives off a feeling of harmony, reports the Washington Post. From the moment people walk in the door, this will make any friendly get-together start on the right foot.

Resene Limerick is a bold, fun green that will invite in your guests. 

Let your neighbours know how sophisticated you are with a black door.Let your neighbours know how sophisticated you are with a black door.


And finally, the moment you black door owners have been waiting for. The black door is nothing more than a sign of your glamour. You probably have a more serious side, notes Realtor.com, but black means you're ready for every occasion. It's not at all off-putting – rather this dark tone says you're safe here to your guests. 

Resene All Black in a high gloss finish gives your home that sophisticated yet safe feeling. 

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