What to do with your kid’s old bedroom

Finally time to redo your kid's old room!

Have your kids flown the coop? And by flown the coop we mean, graduated from university, is holding a steady job and married or living with a significant other with no signs of coming back home. If this is your current situation then you can probably stop holding on to their old bedroom and find a better use for it. 

A private gym

Complete with an indoor sauna, of course! The private gym is the classic redecoration move, but you know what? You don't need a lot of space to make an at-home gym the answer to your out-of-shape needs. Once you've cleared out all your kid's old stuff (make sure you give them a chance to save anything first) remaking the space is easy! Select one wall to be your accent wall, but instead of a paint colour, fill the space with mirrors – it's the perfect way to watch your form and your progress.

Push it to the next level.

After that, you just need a rack free-weights, a television mounted on the wall so you can watch workout tapes and your favourite type of cardio machine. Consider painting the rest of the walls a shade of red, like Resene Bullseye, as this gives of an energetic vibe! Exactly what you need to push it to the next level. 

A tea room 

Feeling fancy? Why not design your very own tea room? It's the perfect place to take all your ladies after a long day of work. That same mirror that you just read about for the gym can be your accent wall in the tea room as well. After that, details are just a matter of how you perceive the finer things in life. How about dotting the ceiling with a couple of chandeliers, and decorating with a few feature pieces of fine china. A gold plated beverage cart, fully stocked of course, will tie the room together nicely. 

If you have the space, comfy cosy armchairs for each of your guests are a must when it comes to relaxation. Aiding this relaxation is the colour pink, we suggest you try something like a Resene Half Pale Rose for your room.

Take back the space and turn it into your own little sanctuary. Take back the space and turn it into your own little sanctuary.

A trophy room 

You have some pretty spectacular kids and they've accomplished a lot in their life, so why not turn the room into a nice nod to them? You can put all the family's accomplishments together in one room! Everyone can have their own wall featuring trophies, awards, old drawings or whatever you've kept from over the years. If you want the room to be somewhat practical, you can also use it as a hobby room.

Once your kids start to give you grandchildren, this will be a nice place for them to explore as they get older and see what they have to live up to! Green is a good colour representing balance and growth, so try a Resene Carefree which is a fresh uplifting light green – it's the perfect colour background that won't distract attention from everyone's awards and accomplishments. Plus, it's a nice space for you to visit when you start to miss having everyone around. 

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