Resene X-300E
Resene X-300E

Resene X-300E - elastomeric coating

Resene X-300E is a thixotropic weathertight membrane designed for thick application over cracked concrete surfaces. Thixotropic means it is a coating material that, while free-flowing and easy to manipulate under the brush, sets to a gel within a short time when it is allowed to remain at rest. It is made using acrylic elastomers that have excellent 'memory' of their original shape when distorted, which gives the product incredible movement and crack bridging capabilities, enabling it to bridge gaps up to half the thickness of the paint film.

It is used on very similar substrates to Resene X-400 (see Data Sheet D63), however Resene X-300E is the only product that performs well over badly cracked and deteriorating substrates and is therefore recommended over propagating cracks - that is, when cracks are getting worse and/or new ones are appearing. This product will resolve many less than perfect substrates; however there can be no real guarantees to its success on really poor substrates. It is able to be applied at very high thicknesses without sagging or film cracking and is best applied by brush, roller, goop loop (for a textured effect) or spray.

Resene X-300E has a semi-gloss finish but like all elastomeric coatings is more prone to dirt pickup than standard coatings. This may be easily overcome with a final coat of a standard waterborne topcoat such as Resene Lumbersider (see Data Sheet D34) or Resene X-200 weathertight membrane (see Data Sheet D62).

Resene X-300E is available in Resene Total Colour System white, off whites and pastels.

Resene X-300E replaces Resene Flexicover E.

Product Data Sheet: D64

Specify: One-Line Specification section 17e and 20e/I

Specifying tips:
Resene Limelock (see Data Sheet D809) is a preparatory coating designed to cure and seal cementitious surfaces by retaining moisture necessary to achieve cure and trapping free lime, minimising downtime between the completion of plastering and commencement of painting.

Resene X-300E is Environmental Choice approved.

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