b'testpotsPremium construction materialsResene tropical sanctuaryfor all your building projects TweetResene Freshgreens,popsofbrightEastern-inspiredcolouranddelicate Spring Fever palmsall we need now is a cooling drink and a dip in the pool. The Resene texture of some of the painted elements like the wall and the day LimerickResene bed, add depth to the scheme. Wall painted in Resene Spring Fever. California Water hyacinth seat in Resene Limerick and bamboo table in Resene Resene California, both from Junk & Disorderly. Oak flooring finished with Walnut Resene Colorwood stain in Resene Walnut, then finished in Resene Resene Aquaclear. Large pot in Resene Smitten and small pot in Resene Smitten Tweet. Resene Curtain Collection Garden Party in colour Flax. Buddhahead,$149,hand-printedstripedorangecushion,$245, and green glasses, $13.90 each, from Republic Home. Tropical leaf cushion,$140,fromForma.Rhapsodyorangetowel,$39,from Allium. Green linen cushion, $135, and pink velvet cushion, $85, from Madder and Rouge. Plants from Kings Plant Barn, St Lukes. Rockcote & PSL brand Construction Systems have been providing advanced construction systems specically designed for the New Zealand environment for over 25 years. Our BRANZ weathertight tested Faade Systems are some of the most ecient and complete barrier faades available.Combine these with registered LBP installation and our technical OnSite Assistance programme with the latest Rockcote Resene coatings and colourtechnology and you have a complete solution for your building project.Our range of Faade, Flooring, Fencing, & Interior systems are stylingClaudia Zobukdesigned to be durable construction systems you can trust.picturesMelanie Jenkins, Flash StudiosStockists: Allium, www.alliuminteriors.co.nz, 09 522 1062. Forma, www.forma.co.nz, 09 368 7694. Indie Home Collective, 09 524 6971. Junk & Disorderly, www.junkndisorderly.co.nz, 09 480 9010. Kings Plant Barn St Lukes, www.kings.co.nz, 09 846 2141. Lustys Lloydwww.reseneconstruction.co.nz Loom, www.lustyslloydloom.co.nz, 09 629 0026. Madder and Rouge, www.madderandrouge.co.nz, 09 522 1062. Millys Kitchen,0800 50 70 40 www.millyskitchen.co.nz, 09 309 1690. Republic Home, www.republichome.com, 09 361 1137.9'