b'off the shelfoff the shelfNew products and ideas for the home.wool for all weathers connectAn exquisite way to lift your interiors, high-quality wool blankets,with colourthrows and cushions are a lifetime investment and true treat.At Resene, our first love may be paint but Exquisite Wool Blankets has the most diverse range of high- our second has to be colour. Glorious colour. And to help open up the quality woollen blankets using 100% New Zealand lambs wool.endless possibilities of colour for your home, we have created the new The company also has the largest size bedding blankets availablehabitat plus book devoted to colourfrom the most vibrant reds and here, with 14 vibrant and neutral colours (shown below in Lime,yellows, to soothing neutrals and moody black. Its packed with plenty Ochre and Tangerine). Proven to aid a better nights sleep basedof examples and advice and is ideal if you are struggling with colour solely on its molecular make up, wool keeps you cool when itchoices. Get your copy free from Resene ColorShops and selected is warm and warm when it is cool. Keen to highlight woolresellers or read a copy online at www.resene.com/habitatplus.asanimportantnaturalresourceforthecountry,Exquisite Wool Blankets also has throws and customised cushions. See www.exquisiteblankets.co.nz or call 021 186 2784.ReseneResene its a match TimbuktuImpromptuGot a great digital swatch or photo of a colour you like but have no idea of the original colour? With the new online Resene ColourMatch, you can match it to a Resene colour as well as search to find similar colours, complementary colours and more. Simply type or copy in the URL of the image you wish to match or upload your image from your computer. Then click on the part of the image youd like matched and the Resene ColourMatch programmewillquicklyfindyouasuggestedResenecolour match. This new Resene ColourMatch service can be used free on the Resene website, no download necessary. Try it out at www.resene.com/colourmatchonline.Resenesimple, not boringHemispherebeat the bugs Athena Bathrooms new Italian-Control crawling and flying insects with Bug Juice, new in store atmadevitreouschinabasinsby Resene (NZ only). Bug Juice is a contact pesticide which is mixed withValdamamaybesimplebut your Resene paint. Its odourless, wont harm pets or birds, and wonttheyre certainly not boring. The affect the paint. The effect lasts for up to four years depending onstylish basin is partially recessed where it is applied. Try Bug Juice on any paintedinto the vanity top, allowing a surface especially window surrounds andgenerous depth without sitting sills,ceilings,skirtingboards,exteriortoo high. Softly rounded corners doors, on kitchen cupboards (insideand a gentle basin incline give andout),aroundplumbingentryanelegantfinish.Thebasin points or anywhere insects can entercomes in two styles for either a home or where they gather. Seebasin or wall mounted tapware. www.resene.com/Bug-Juice.htmVisit your local Chesters branch for more information.or www.athena.co.nz. 11'