b'off the shelfResene QuarterThorndon Creamquick, warm and healthyA new showhome in Christchurch is setting the benchmark in warm healthy living. The High Performance House at the HIVE Home Innovation Village uses an innovative new building system, Warmframe and other sustainable technologies.Thesteel-framedhouse,designedbySalmondArchitects, was built in a factory in just 10 weeks then brought on-site. The home is warm, healthy, energy and water efficient, with low running costs, good insulation, double-glazing and features Resene waterborne, low or no VOC and low odour paints. Colours used are Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream for the walls and Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream for ceilings and trims. Visit www.warmframe.co.nz. bold and beautifulMiss Lolo is a new collection of furniture by Auckland stylistTamzynAdding,whorescuesmid-century design classics using bold contemporary fabrics. See her latest pieces at www.misslolo.co.nz.Big project or small.Create a better, healthier home with HomestarWhether youre building, renovating orfrom Homestar Partners and enjoy just tidying up a bityou can make yoursavings and recommendations to make home warmer, healthier and smarteryour renovation journey easier.with Homestar. Join the 15,000 Kiwis who have already At Homestar.org.nz theres loads of free,made their homes healthier and more independent advice to help you choosevaluable with Homestar.the right design and materials. Get started atWhy not start by testing your plans with the online Home Check and joinwww.homestar.org.nzmyHomestar to become eligible for offers Know your home'