b'Keep your placewith a Resene CoolColour TM ReseneSmitten ReseneHolidayEver thought a house or building would look great painted in a sleek, dark colourthen had to shelve plans for fear of the heat damaging the substrate or the building getting unbearably hot in summer?Well, forget all that. Resene CoolColour TMtechnology makes painting exterior surfaces in dark colours both easier and safer. It can be used on all sorts of exterior materials and applications, from weatherboards and concrete to windowsills.A Resene CoolColour is designed to re ect more of the suns energy than a standard colour reducing stress on the coating, substrate and building keeping them cooler.See the Resene CoolColour brochure or your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller staff for more information on how you can keep your place cooler.AG21132_Habitat_IFC DPS_RH1800 738 383 0800 RESENE (737 363)www.resene.com.au www.resene.co.nz'