b'feature housecolour courageA confident colour and lighting consultant and his adventurous client create a bounty of brave and unexpected delights. W ith a profound disregard for predictability and trends, TerryHoggofAustralian-basedLickLight+Colour enjoysshatteringdesignpreconceptionsandencouragingbrave colour choices. A recent commission at accessories designer Peter LangsVictorianterraceinSydneysElizabethBaywasacreative partnership made in heaven. And its a partnership that has resulted in Terry winning a 2013 Resene Total Colour Awardsee page 30. Itsaboutthesignificanceandutilityofthespaceitself,Terry explains. If a colour works in that space it simply works. Im not interested in being locked in to whats in, or in playing safe.Theresultisasublimepalettechoreographedtoenhanceand balance the moods of the rooms while showcasing Peters beautiful collectibles. Clever use of vibrant hues balanced with complex neutrals creates a sophisticated and indulgent colour scheme.I always begin with the space and the light, explains Terry. And then its about the client themselves. Everybody has a colour sense, even if theyre not aware of it. LeftBold strokes of Resene Scarlett in the hall, Resene Troubadour (purple), Resene Desperado (rust) and Resene Decadence on the ceiling create a lively, opulent ambience and set off striking mantelpieces and Peters art.Resene ReseneDecadence TroubadourResene ReseneBlack White ScarlettReseneDesperado21'