b'alternative solution - vintage stylerugged good looks warm this roomInterior designer Robyn Mickleson of The Design Depot suggests this alternative scheme:The quite masculine vintage good looks of the Halo range of furniture and accessories inspired this scheme. I wanted to give what is quite a formal space, with the two fireplaces, a welcoming casual feel but also retain an air of sophistication and glamour. The contrast between the dark Resene Foundry and the white Resene Alabaster adds drama to the space and helps define the two rooms; this is also heightened by giving the back area a different purpose, as a study. Using Resene St Kilda as a very modern accent colour on the front door, which is then echoed in the rug, keeps the scheme from becoming too neutral and predictable. Its a very lived-in and cosy feel, created by leather, steel, timber and colour. phone 07 839 6757webwww.thedesigndepot.co.nzReseneSt KildaBlack reeded rod and lotus finialVanda NZ www.vanda.co.nzNewhaven linen drapes Textilia www.textilia.co.nz ReseneGyro chandelier AlabasterHaloResenewww.halo-nz.co.nzFoundry03 317 8044illustration Malcolm White ReseneAntique decolourised floor Knaverug in blue green Nick Radford Rugs www.nickradford-rugs.comResene03 669 3755 Triple Rakaia Kensington three-seater sofa in old saddle black leather Halo www.halo-nz.co.nz 03 317 804427'