b'Colour Coursessurprise. The red hall entrance closes you in and creates a statement and sense of anticipation the moment you arrive. Second overall place, recipient of the Nightingale Colour Maestro award,andthewinneroftheResidentialExteriorsectionwas Andrew Banks of Studio Pacific Architecture for the Newtown Park Apartments in Wellington. Tonal colour schemes and perforated screen panels transformed the exterior. The judges wholeheartedly agreed that this project was completely delightful. Appropriate to the environment with a nice sense of strength,variationandgraphicalquality.TheimpactoflineandMake your next project form has been highlighted with colour, another means of identifying spaces. The colour gives solidity to the building and shows the powerstunning by using thethat colour can add. right colour combination.A Residential Interior Colour Creativity award was given to KellyColour to its bestGammie of Eucalyptus Design & Interiors for her creative renovationadvantage.know why,of an Art Deco house. Resene how and where it works.Black WhiteReseneand the winner is . BuffThe overall winner, recipient of the Resene Total Colour Master Nightingale award, and winner of the Heritage section was Peter Porteous of Oakley Gray Architects for the Regent Theatre in Dunedin. As the judges commented: This project is exciting because it captures the history and role of the buildingVictorian excess captured in 1928. It has been supported with a very good start from the architecture, adding a sense of lushness, opulence and theatrical atmosphere through an extensive array of hues. The colours chosen highlight and embrace the clever use of lighting with complete attention to detail.So traditional yet still surprising. This project simply stands out; it Sean Waller Photographyshowcases a big night out, celebrating and indulgent. A completely clever use of colour. Multiple colours were used including Resene Buff, Resene Cashmere, Resene Tradewind, Resene Opium, Resene Tom Tom, Resene Viola, Resene Gold, Resene Tsunami, Resene Vin Rouge and Resene Silver. Book now for the colour courses:AucklandComprising 8 weekly, 2 hour sessions Full day colour workshop:Christchurch: October 16thWellington: October 17th Colour correspondence course:Module One now availablePlease call Debbie Abercrombie: M 021914449 E debbie@abercrombieltd.co.nzwww.debbieabercrombie.co.nz'