b'on trendfurniture flatteryColour blocking, pops of bright paint and bolder distressed finishespainted furniture is the daring darling of the moment. Resene QuarterSpanish WhiteAboveClassic colour blocking isI t started with a coat of demur white paint, or a soft distressed used to stunning effect by Rickpastel.Now,paintedfurniturehasgrowninstyleand Handel of Rick Rubensboldness with one-of-a-kind pieces making a real impact in our Recreations, who added three Resene Jalapeno red drawers tohomes. Stronger colours and even pops of neon brilliance are a sideboard in Resene Quartertransforming second-hand furniture into statement pieces.Spanish White. Refurbishing or upcycling old furniture is something anyone can LeftLisa Brook of Urban Habitatdooften with just a lick of Resene paint. Older furniture may Resene transformed this side table with Jalapeno Resene Lipstick, finished off withlook dated but is often solid and well-made, so has plenty of life Resene Resene Aquaclear. left. Some paint, new handles perhaps, and that chest of drawers Lipstick can go from dowdy to delightful. Bargains can be found online, at garage sales and second-hand stores, often making upcycling an older piece cheaper than buying something new. Renovating and reusing furniture rather than throwing it away is kinder on the planet, much more creative and results in individual looks.'