b'on trendReseneRiptideResene Half Colonial WhiteResene AlabasterReseneBright SparkReseneNeroLeftDesigned by Olivia Nordstrom and executed by Antonia Marino of Voodoo Molly Vintage, this complex paint job uses Resene Half Colonial White (the outside of the dresser), Resene Alabaster (feet), Resene Riptide, Resene Nero and Resene Bright Spark (which was softened with a little Resene Alabaster).top tip If you want a solid paint finish on furniture, the best paint to use is Resene Enamacryl, which is a waterborne enamel paint with a gloss finish. Its extremely hard-wearing but is easy to clean-up and low in odour, unlike traditional solventborne enamels. For a semi-gloss finish, use Resene Lustacryl.For more furniture project ideas see theResene website, www.resene.com/furnitureprojects.RightA classic mahogany dresser isgiven an unexpected treatment by Paul Roest of Industrial Design, using Resene Smiles (yellow), Resene Smokescreen(mid blue), and Resene White. BelowThis outdoor seat was painted byinterior designer Kerryn Dunshea, using Resene Lonestar.Resene Resenedarkoverlight.AntoniaMarinowhoupstyledthepieceshown Smiles White above to her clients design, says the handles on this retro dresser, Resene Resene which were both recessed and raised, were a challenge to paint. She Smokescreen Lonestar suggests that you ensure the design works with the peculiarities of your piece so you dont unintentionally end up with some very tricky brushwork. Or, engage a professional!The biggest benefit with painting your old furniture is that as fashions and your tastes change, you can repaint it a different colour or pattern, or strip it back and start again for a whole new look. Paint will not damage your furniture and, in fact, provides a protective layer. This means if you ever want to re-embrace the natural beauty of the wood it is made from, the paint can be removed and replaced with Resene Aquaclear urethane with no ill effects. wordsMary Bell Painting is certainly not the final finish for your old furniture, but a picturesSupplied whole new beginning. 38'