b'bright ideaswalk on by ReseneAlabasterReseneAs places you tend not to linger, entrance foyers andNiagaraResene Halfhalls can cope with strong decorative treatments.Thorndon CreamTurquoise delightRepurposinghermagazinecollectioninto adecoupagefloor,andaddingazingy colour like Resene Niagara to the far wall hascertainlytransformedRachelBrebners entrance way.With her partner away fishing, she ripped up the carpet in the entrance hall of their old bungalow, painted the floor with Resene Half Thorndon Cream then tore (literally) into her beloved magazine collection from the past 10 years. Then, with the help of her niece, she glued more than 400 torn-edged pictures onto the floor in a harlequin-style pattern. Three coats of Resene Aquaclear waterborne urethane now protect the images.Rachel painted the walls at the end of the foyer in a vibrant turquoise, Resene Niagara, whilethesidewallsareinRachelsgo-to choiceforwalls,ReseneAlabaster.Says Rachel: Every time I open my front door, whether Im struggling in with groceries, or welcoming guests, I am uplifted with colour and a sense of making the bungalow more unique.picturesFrances Oliver'