b'feature houseinterconnectingcoloursnowsubtlyunderscoretheplayoflightOpposite bottomResene Sisal is a warm backdrop in through the different rooms. the living room.Nancy has used Resene Pearl Lusta in varying strengths as a unifyingOpposite topA chest of drawers in the childrens room is painted in Resene Pohutukawa (red), Resene Carpe thread in the colour scheme. It appears on the woodwork, ceilingsDiem (orange) and Resene Sushi (green). The walls are and on the kitchen cabinets. It also allows other coloursResenein Resene White Rock. Joanna on the kitchen walls, Resene Sisal in the dining and livingBelowTrims in Resene Tana show as a soft eggshell rooms, Resene White Rock in the childrens room, Resene Tana on thegreen against the Resene Half Pearl Lusta walls. An hall trims and Resene Double Spanish White in the master bedroom archival artwork of old papers, paint and timberto all look like gentle reflections of the same thought process. is on the left. Nancy is not just a builder, a painter and decorator, shes also a sewerMiddleThe ensuite was a recent addition to the house. and an artist. Most of the soft furnishings have been made by her (with a bit of help from her mum in the case of the huge and heavyResene Resenesitting room curtains) and many of the paintings are also from herWhite Rock Pohutukawafertile and talented imagination. Resene ReseneSisal Carpe DiemA large archival artwork in the new entry lobby is made up of century- Resene Reseneoldnewspapers,patchesofscrimandrosepatternedwallpaper,Tana Sushiturquoise painted match-lining and kauri boards. It tells the story of the house. Alongside, in the calm retreat of the Resene Sisal dining room are three more framed sections of newsprint, the faded cream of each picking up the Resene Pearl Lusta of the woodwork.It wasnt until Oliver (now four) and two-year-old Amelia came along that a love of bright colours came to the fore. In their bedroom, a drawer 45'