b"feature houseFoyer floor tiles: Winckelmans range from Tile Trends ReseneBlack HazeGet the look with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Double Spanish White.Resene DoubleSpanish WhiteMDF unit: bought on TradeMe and paintedby Nancy and NickAboveThe front of the villa faces out across the valley. The weatherboards are Resene Black Haze, the baseboard is Resene New Denim Blue, the trims are Resene Tsunami and the door is Resene Dark Knight.ReseneGargoyleunit glows with green Resene Sushi, orange Resene Carpe Diem andGet the look with red Resene Pohutukawa. Even Olivers baby feet were used to createResene SpaceCotethe art that hangs opposite his bed. Says Nancy: I put him in his babyLow Sheen tintedbouncer, dipped his feet in a colour and let him bounce to his heartsto Resene Sisal.content. When there was enough of one colour on the canvas Id wipe his feet, dip them in the next one and away hed go.The most recently completed project is a small addition to house theReseneensuite bathroom. Nancy and Nick knew enough to draw the line atSisalattempting this unaided. This is where we got a builder to do all theEnsuite bath and basin: structural bits, but we learnt how to hang weatherboards, cut scribersPlumb In, Albanyand a whole lot of other things. We really had fun, and now it looks like its always been there.Kauri vanity top: by furniture maker Martin So, too, does the fact that the house now has two entrance doors.Smallshaw The recently added one is painted a smart Resene Dark Knight and lookscompletelyinkeepingwiththeReseneBlackHazeoftheReseneweatherboard.ArrowtownAnd its not over yet. It might look as though its finished, says Nancy, but believe me well find lots more little bits to do. turn the page for picturesMark Heaslip alternative looks to Nick wordsCate Foster and Nancy's ensuiteReseneDark KnightResene did you know.New Denim BlueReseneTsunami that Resene CoolColour paint ReseneBlack Haze reflects more of the suns heatResenethan standard paint to reduceCarpe Diemstress on the coating and surface? Its ideal for darker colours usedon exteriors.Resene46Linen"