b'editorialwelcomeThe right colour for the right placesometimes its tricky to achieve but when the colours you have carefully chosen for your interiors come together, its a joy to behold. The same wisdom holds true for interior schemes as it does for fashionyou should choose what you like and what works for you rather than slavishly follow fashion. Then your homeand your wardrobewill last the distance and always look just right. Thats true of our two feature homes this issue. Both are older homes but are painted in quite different colours. Yet both are so appropriate to their situation and owners. The first interior was created by a bold interior designer for a courageous client but given that client is a jeweller, the rich colours sprinkled throughout the home are just rightsee page 20. This home also won a Resene Total Colour Award recently. See page 30 for more winners. The other home on page 42 is caressed in a soothing palette of gentle aged tones that are ideal for this old villa in its semi-rural setting. Delicious. And our garden this issue, owned by an architect and an artist, pops with colour and structure. Its a true reflection of its owners. So if youre planning a colour scheme for your home, take a moment, think about what you truly love and what works for you, grab a few testpots from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller, and have fun! Sharon Newey editorResene Resene Guggenheim TroubadourResene Resene Glamour PussSentimentalResene ReseneReservoir Half Escape Life seems to be getting ever busier. Sometimes its trickythen tackle a whole room. By starting small, youll be able to take time out to smell the roses. Sometimes even justto enjoy each project as you finish it and once you get the keeping the house tidy can seem like a mission! Whenhang of the small projects, the larger ones wont seem youve had a long arduous day, coming home to rest insodaunting.Youllalsobepleasantlysurprisedatthe surroundings coloured in your favourite hues can be allsatisfaction you get from actually finishing a project then you need to pick yourself up or soothe you into sleep time.sitting back to admire it. So tear yourself away from the No matter how busy your schedule is, it only takes aTV, computer or phone and treat yourself by adding some few hours to add your favourite colours to your homecolour to your day. Happy decorating!and it can be surprisingly therapeutic. Even if you start The Resene Teamby painting some canvases, a piece of furniture or a few planter pots, then work your way up to a feature wall and 3'