b'shiny or dull?Colours can also be perceived as warm or cool. Red, orange, yellow, brown, reddish purples and yellow-greens and their many variations Dull is not necessarily a bad characteristic for interiorare warm colours which make a room feel, literally, warmer and paint. A flat finish deflects your eye from wallcosier. These colours are good for south-facing rooms and larger imperfections whereas a shiny surface highlightsdings and dents in the surface and the substrate cavernous spaces. Cool colours are blue, grey, blue-greens, blue-below. Thats because of the way light bounces from purples and pure whites. They make a room appear larger and are it. If you have a dark space you want to give life andgood for overheated north-facing rooms, or to make a space look drama to, this is a trick worth considering.crisp and clean. Glossier paint is also easier to clean so is good for kitchens and bathrooms, and other surfaces where fingers might stray. Just dont skimp on the preparationDevils in the detailor underestimate the skill required in application. SeeThe way the architectural joinery details are treated can make or the Resene Gloss Levels fandeck to see how the glossbreak an interior and, again, much depends on what they are and level will affect your colour choices. what you are trying to achieve. If your architraves, skirting and doors If your walls are absolutely past saving but the plaster isare crisply new, you will be able to use their lines and planes as still sound, consider an anaglypta or textured wallpaper and then paint over it. The Victorians usually useddelineators between spaces and objects of interest in their own right. anaglypta below their dado rail as a hardwearing andFor example, you might want to use shades of off-whites as your forgiving surface, but a more contemporary look is tomain wall colour, but can add definition to the whole by painting the completely paper a feature wall and paint over it in woodwork in a contrasting strong neutral. Double strength of the an interesting Resene colour thereby adding texture as well as colourwith the added benefit of disguising asame colour on the doors links the idea but doesnt overwhelm. less than perfect surface underneath while youre at it. If the woodwork is in poor repair or badly proportioned, however, or if theres some odd architectural detail youd like to hidean obtrusive Resene bulkhead, out-dated balustradingit is better to let it retreat into the Alaskawalls and ceiling by painting it the same colour. Changing the gloss Visit FPB.co.nz for tools, tips and education from those Visit FPB.co.nz for tools, tips andGet great discounts at a in-the-know that can future-proof your next project by education from those in-the-know thatrange of FPB Partners helping you make more informed choices.can future-proof your next project bywith your FREE FPB Card!helping you make more informed choices.Normally $9.95, its yours FREE!To view the latest FPB Card deals and to order just scan the QR Code or visit FPB.co.nz/fpb-partner-card/ENERGY SMARTHEALTH & SAFETY LIFE CYCLE QUALITY SMART & SECURE SOUND CONTROL SPATIAL DESIGN SUSTAINABILITYSUSTAINABILITYFor your FREE FPB Card clickVisit FPB.co.nz Call 0508 FUTURE (388873)Buy Now and enter the couponFind us on facebook.com/FPB.co.nzcode: HABITAT13FPB3466-Brand Ad-Habitat HP v1.indd 1 2/09/13 12:52 PM'