b'tips and trickslevel between the walls and the joinery will add any interest you need. Conversely, if you have an element you want to highlighta chimney breast is a perfect exampleyou can paint it a different colour or a darker tone of the wall colour. The right lighting and the type of lighting will also help hide and enhance the various aspects of your room. Last but not least, never underestimate the power of the testpot. It is astonishing how different a large square of colour can look compared to a stamp-sized bit in a colour chart. Think of the difference in effect between a snapshot-sized photo and a wall-sized version and you will know why. The easiest way to use testpots is to paint A3 or larger pages of colour, leaving a white margin around the edge, and move them around to judge the effect of light and colour at different times of the day or night. Once youve decided on your favourites, its time to get decorating.wordsCate FosterReseneRightWalls in rich Resene Bittersweet make the room appear muchBittersweetcosier and warmer. The fireplace becomes a feature by using a different treatment on it, or painting it a different colour. Colours on Resene EzyPaint are representative only. We recommend that you use colour charts, Resene testpots and physical samples toResenecheck your chosen colour scheme before decorating. White Thunder Visit your local Chesters branch to start planning your dream bathroom today13 BRANCHES NATIONWIDE 0800 700 601www.chesters.co.nz'