b'step by step did you know.That Resene has a whole range ofDIY and art projects online that you can complete easily in a weekendand some in an afternoon? Visitwww.resene.com/projects. ReseneBonfireReseneAvalancheReseneBoulevardtick tock ReseneEscapeReseneWaterfrontReseneFlashbackReseneClockwork OrangeThis painted slatted clock is so easyReseneBonfirefor you or the kids to make and ReseneMelting Momenthas quirky retro appeal. ReseneSandbarThe finished clock, on a wall painted inReseneResene Avalanche.BittersweetThe coat stand is inReseneResene Southern Cross.Southern CrossReseneAlabasterYou will need: Resene testpots of your chosen colours. We used Resene Bonfire, ReseneBoulevard,ReseneMeltingMoment,ReseneSandbar, Resene Bittersweet, Resene Flashback, Resene Waterfront, Resene Escape and Resene Clockwork Orange. The Range fashion colours fandeck (once youve finished choosing your colours!)CardP aint brushHole punch A battery-driven clock mechanism and handswe bought ours from www.clockworks.co.nzstylingPippa Fay56picturesTony Brownjohn'