b'kitchenReseneBarely There the working kitchenSo your kitchen looks the part but what about on the inside? How does it work? How well planned is your storage? We may all have a cutlery insert in our drawer and an old lazy susanslender secondary drawer hidden inside the main deeper one. You in the corner cupboard but todays kitchen can be a wonderland ofcan put a non-slip mat on the bottom of the drawer, or a system that clever storage and smooth operation thanks to hardware innovations.keeps the pots or stacks of plates steady. Everything is modular and Not only can you get just about any form of drawer insert to storeeasily adapted to suit individual needs.cutlery,utensils,cleaners,canisters,spices,pots,crockeryyouOverheadcupboardshaveseenacoupleofincarnationsoflate. name it. But other technologies such as soft-closing drawers, push- Theyvegonefromside-hingedopening,totop-hingedlift-up to-open drawers, robust runners that allow drawers to take up toversions. Now, Hettich predicts that side-to-side sliding doors will 70kg in weight, moving corner pantries and slide-out pantries arebecome popular for overhead cupboards. Sounds like a return to all becoming more common in our kitchens and more affordable.the 1950s but knowing todays technology, these will be a smooth-Having said that, the difference between a cheap kitchen and a morerunning, high-tech version.expensive one is often in the bits you cant seethe robustness of thePull-out pantries are still strong especially in kitchens that dont have hinges, carcasses and runners. Kitchens suffer a lot of wear and tearthe room for a walk-in pantry. (think of how many times you open the cutlery drawer each day) so investing in good-quality hardware often pays off.In zoneAside from what you put in the drawers and cupboards, zoning a Drawers and more drawers kitchen makes it more efficientall your crockery and cutlery in one Drawers are big full stop. Theyve become popular as the mostplace near the table perhaps, the rubbish and cleaners near the sink, efficient way of storing anything from napery and placemats, topots and pans near the cooker, food prep equipment near the most-crockery, pots and plastics. With a drawer, everything is easily seenused part of the benchtop and food storage close to the fridge.and reached when the drawer is open, unlike cupboards where youOne area that has attracted a lot of interest is the humble rubbish have to reach in and over other items to get to the back. bin. Were now putting it in a drawer alongside another bin for Some people put their small kitchen appliances like whizzes andrecyclables and perhaps another for compost scraps. Put a push-to-mixers in a big top drawer, pull out the drawer, plug in and away theyopen mechanism on it (an electronic one that also soft closes) and you go without having to heft the machine on to the benchtop.can get your rubbish in the drawer hands-free.Internal drawers are an option, giving a more streamlined look, where you might have your pots in the main drawer then the lids in a moreinformation and photography supplied by HettichAboveWere using drawers for so much more than just cutlery and teatowels. This clever flag system keeps the plates in order.RightThe bane of our livesrubbish and cleaning equipment. This solution keeps it all nice and tidy. Far rightThis curvy corner solution glides out of hidden corners, giving much more storage space. ReseneConfidante 62'