b'bathroomof sea and sandThis bach bathroom takes its colours from the nearby sea and beaches.W hen it came to deciding on colours for the bathroom of a rebuilt bach north of Auckland, the owners Ian and Sharon couldnt look much further than the local environment. Blessed with a sweeping view of the sea and sand dunes, the colours were right there, almost at their feet. Resene Periglacial Blue seemed the perfect match for the sea-foam blue of the water, so was used on the half-height tongue-and-groove paneling, while Resene Rice Cake is a warm white that reminded them of the sandstone rocks at the local beach. Elsewhere in the bach, Resene Parchment and Resene Double Parchment echo the golden sand. The bach had once been a badly built unattractive box. Rebuilding itbecamealabourofloveforthecoupleandanexercisein forbearance for their two children as mum and dad spent many a weekend working on the house rather than taking them to the beach. Ian loves baths so, although like most bach properties this one relies onlimitedsuppliesoftankwater,thebathwasanimportant component.Anannualmega-salebyAuckland-basedMico Bathrooms saw him pounce on the normally expensive but now knocked-down-in-price bath.Normal ready-made vanities didnt match the Cape Cod style of the room, so Sharon found a rustic sideboard from an Auckland store, and painted it in a diluted Resene Half Rice Cake for a whitewashed effect. The small drawers were perfectly set slightly apart to allow room for the basin pipework underneath. Baskets bought at Storage Box are home to the necessities of bathroom life. The basin reminded Ian and Sharon of a banana leaf shape while the Briscoes mirror came with a similar whitewash finish to the vanity. The couple chose to build a large walk-in shower with a wall that is half tiled and half glazed. Initial fears that water would splash out onto the floor havent materialised and the shower is easy to clean at the end of each bach visit.Resene HalfpicturesPeter Davies Rice Cake64'