b'going green ReseneFirst Light just a bucket or two top tipThe bucket needs to be airtightfor the contents to ferment If you dont have room for a full-on compost bin orproperly. Bokashi is an anaerobic system. If the lid doesnt fit as a worm farm, grab a couple of used 10-litre Resenetightly as youd like, place a cloth or old t-shirt over the top of the paint buckets and make a bokashi compost. bucket before fastening the lid. Many of us like the idea of composting food scraps and being able to feed our gardens1 2with the results, but we may not have room or a suitable site for a full-sized compost bin. Agreatalternativeisabokashicompost, which is easily and quickly made from one or two paint buckets. A bokashi (Japanese for fermented organic matter)isfedwithkitchenscrapsand because its airtight and odourless, you can also feed it meat and dairy scraps. A bokashi inoculant containing wheat germ, bran or sawdust,molassesandmicroorganismsis layered in with the scraps, then the mixture is left to ferment for 10 or more days. It can then be dug into the garden.You can also fertilise the garden with any liquid produced by drilling holes in the base of the main bucket and setting it inside a second one to collect the drained liquid. Or you can get fancier and attach a tap to the bucket to draw off liquid. 3 4Step 1 Step 4Thoroughly wash the buckets first. DrillSetthedrilledbucketintotheother 20 to 30 holes with a large drill bit on thebucket and cover with the lidyou may bottom of one bucket.want to use a piece of brick or something to sit the top bucket on so that theres Step 2 plenty of room to collect the liquid. Keep adding food scraps and inoculant at the You will need: Start adding food scraps. ratio suggested on the packet. Once it is T wo recycled 10-litre Resene buckets full, leave for 10 days. In the meantime,Bokashi inoculant (available online orStep 3 check the lower bucket for liquid, dilute it, then use it to water the garden. at gardening stores) Add a tablespoon of the inoculant.One lid Resene Resene Resene A drillWindfall Forest Green Flourish66'