b'advertising featuremake a pizza ovenTheyre the latest on-trend addition to our outdoor living spacespizza ovens.You will need: Trailer to collect the pizza oven kit and toolsConcrete mixer Wheelbarrow or large oval tub to hold mortar Spade to mix mortar Water-measuring vessel Battery-powered drill with bits Electric brick saw or small angle grinder with masonry diskBricklayers trowel Dumpy-style hammer Box cutterGloves and safety gogglesHearth brush for clean-up Pizza oven kitwe bought ours from the Brick & Cobble FactoryDecide on your basewe used a welded stand with concrete slab top, which you can make or have made. Or you could position the oven on the top of a block-work stand. The kit comes with a hearth but this needs to sit on top of something. Use the drill to remove the pallet frame from the hearth. Step 1Step 3 Lay the two layers of insulation tiles on top of the hearth in theThe form of the dome is now shaped using bags of pumice sequence shown in the kit. Build the brick arch for the oveninsulation supplied with the kit. Once you have the desired shape, opening first, using the template and instructions provided, andhopefully as close to a sphere as possible, you can lay the rest of mixing the mortar and special fire mix in the wheelbarrow. the brick courses, finishing with the dome cap. Build the outer arch at the oven mouth as per instructions (this can also be done later), including the flue tile mount and flue.Step 4 Step 2Wrap the oven in the foil provided and apply the exterior render in one go, smoothing it out with a bricklayers trowel for a smooth Working from either left or right, lay out the bottom course offinish or by gloved hand for a rougher finish. bricks. Cut any bricks to fit as necessary. Protect the hearth tiles outside the oven with plastic sheeting or a cloth. Add a second and third course of bricks.oven built byIvano Gola'