b'feature gardenReseneVibe give the tall lancewoods some colourful and seasonal neighbours. Petes love of structure is also clearly evident in the garden, the strength For a house occupied by an artist and a leading architect, maybeand solidity of its concrete paths, walls and furniture enhanced by its little wonder they have chosen bold tones for the exterior ofthe clever planting and carefully considered artworks. Designing their their house. Says Pete: We wanted colours to highlight the newintriguing Auckland garden has been a collaborative process for the rationale of the modifications to the house, which change it from thecouple, taking place over a period of nine years in conjunction with traditional bungalow to having a more spatial quality, with planes ofthe renovation of the house. colour floating alongside or into the old house. Its a work in progress, says Miriam. We enjoy mulling things over The planes of colour accentuate circulation, up to the front door forand sometimes it takes time to find the right decision or solution. example, or provide a base to anchor the spacealongside the rearWe didnt want a naturalistic garden, continues Pete. Its about garden deck. the notion of landscape as architecture, organic versus man-made. 71'