b'Resenefeature garden VibeBelowAs well as structural elements, concrete is also used for seating. On the rear deck is what Pete terms the bus shelter, a high-backed concrete bench that doubles as a wall, creating privacy from the neighbours.Above centreTwo quite different side pathsone with colourful panels in Resene Vibe and Resene Mother Earth and the other with textural concrete. BelowAs the oioi reeds grow taller, Miriam sometimes ties those closest to the drive into ponytails to introduceThe north-east facing property slopes up towards the house with the verticality and form.driveway on the left, terminating alongside Miriams studio. Opposite the drive what once was a Kiwi lawn with some birch trees and shrubs is now planted entirely with the native reed oioi creating an undulating sea of dark green foliage. The couple have long enjoyed oioi in its natural coastal setting so they were pleased to discover it was the perfect height to screen a carparking slot and the courtyard in front of the studio from the road. Opposite the studio, concrete stairs lead to a narrow path that takes you to the front door of the house. A wonderful play of colour and textures enlivens this journey, with shuttered concrete walls on one side and the bold Resene Mother Earth and Resene Vibe panels of the house on the other. The mosaic wall is a continuation of two interior walls Miriam created for both bathrooms on the upper and lower level, reflecting the couples desire to reinforce the connection between the garden and house. At the end of this path along the northern boundary is another courtyard planted with pleached olives alongside the fence and a row of citrus on the opposite side. This simple, quiet white stone garden is designed to be looked down on from the deck above, as well as from the kitchen area. Resene72Mother Earth'