b'testpotsthat holidayfeelingWhether the look is beach, bach or tropical haven, use colour to brighten up your summer. get the beachy blues ReseneMeltwaterThe Cape Cod look continues to be popular but rather than pale sea- ReseneCaptain Cookwashed tones, try stronger blues and aquas. Drag out old boxes and Resenebaskets and give them a lift with paintthen sit back and imagine theSeekersalty tang of the coast. The wall is painted in Resene Meltwater. LustysReseneLloyd Loom Manchester chair is in Resene Captain Cook. Floor in ReseneWaterfrontDouble Bianca. Crate from Junk & Disorderly in Resene Double BiancaResene(top),ReseneBreeze(middle)andReseneSeeker(bottom),basketinBreezeResene Waterfront. Resene Curtain Collection Harmony voile in Blonde.ReseneDouble BiancaRug, $295, assorted shells, from $35, and Turkish towel, $99 as part of two-piece set, from Indie Home Collective. Blue linen cushion, $135, and small printed cushion, $149, from Madder and Rouge. Glass bottle, $62.90, and blue tealight, $12.50, from Republic Home. Other items, stylists own. Stockists overleaf. 6'