b'ReseneOnepotoStriking in stripesWhenaHabitatoftheWeekemail newsletterwentoutinMay,youloved thisimage(left).ItsofMelanieArnolds hallwayinherChristchurchhome,and cleverly uses a Resene wallpaper (Room 20 8803-69) hung side-on, so that the stripes run horizontally not vertically. Melanie then painted an old sideboard in Resene Onepoto and set it against a wall finished with Resene EnamacrylMetallicSilverAluminium.The trims and ceiling are in Resene Quarter Black White.Seewww.habitatoftheweek.com/feature/melanie-coaxes-colour-chaos.your top hitsThe Habitat of the Week website is a winner when it comes to theunusualour most visited features over the past year say it all. Pops of colourByfarthemostvisitedpageonourwebsitefeaturedthis wonderful home, hidden in the bush on the coast north of Wellington. Designed by William Giesen of Atelier Workshop, the exterior is clad in aluminium with shots of bright yellow Resene Supernova. Inside, it uses plywood extensively finished in both Resene Rock Salt from the Resene Colorwood interior woodstainsrangeandReseneAquaclearwaterborneclear urethane.Seewww.habitatoftheweek.com/feature/Williams-jewel-in-the-bush. ReseneSupernovaVintage styleAnyfeatureonkitchensisalwayspopular.Asanexpensiveand complex room to renovate, we do a lot of research. Tie that interest to the current trend for anything vintage, and that will be the reason this feature project was so popular. This room has a wonderfully atmosphericretroindustrialfeelwithastrikingfeatureinaged recycledoregonplankingalongsidewallspaintedwithResene Bluegrass. Designed by Donna Allen of The Space Within in Australia, it also incorporates an old industrial bench from a Singer sewing factory.Seewww.habitatoftheweek.com/feature/2-ultra-stylish-pre-loved-kitchens.ReseneBluegrassGo to www.habitatoftheweek.com to see more great features on homes as well as current colour and decorating trends. And if you have a home that makes wonderful use of Resene colour, drop us an email to editor@habitatoftheweek.co.nz. 79'