b'testpotsDown to earthIntroducing Artisan, an exciting range ofColour trends are also in-line with nature as we enjoy woven carpets from Feltex. Crafted from athe grounding quality of earth tones. Terracotta and rich blend of premium wools, this qualityolive greens are the stars of this new palette. These Axminster combines comfort with durability.colours have evolved out of millennial pink and mint Artisan features a diverse assortment ofgreen, but are more grounded with accents of clay, cob classic and contemporary patterns in subduedand mud tones bringing them down to earth. Resene hues or bold pops of colour, specificallyTuscanyisanorangeterracottawiththedusty designed to complement a variety of interiors.characteristics of its clay ceramic namesake. Its an easy shade to combine with other warm, nature-inspired tones such as creamy white Resene Pearl Lusta, tussock golds such as Resene Gold Coast and dark browns such asReseneFelix.Butitalsoworkswellwithcooler bluesandstonecolourstryReseneRaven.Other fashion-forward terracotta hues to try include Resene Sante Fe, Resene Prairie Sand and Resene Crail.The sage colour that was big a few years ago has evolved into muddier olive greens which nod to the 1970s artisan revival (think brown and green Crown Lynnnotbellbottomsanddazzlingdisco).Try swampy Resene Wilderness paired with lighter Resene StoneAgeanddarkgreenplants.Otheron-trend Diamantina greens to try include Resene Swamp, Resene Scrub and Resene Olive Green.Thesoothingcoloursofterracottaandolivepair together well. If youre combining the two, Laura LynnResenesuggests creating depth by creating a colour paletteAbove: Olive green and terracotta are big coloursGreen Whiteusing lowlights, mid-tones and highlights in both colours.of the season. Mix both to create earth-tone bliss Manypeoplechoosemid-tonesastheirmainin a bedroom. Upper wall in Resene Stone Age, colour, but those mid-range colours can be quite flat.lower batten wall in Resene Wilderness, floor inReseneYou need to create depth to the look using highlightsResene Green White, side table in ReseneCelestePersianRed Alabaster with marble effect in Resene FX Paint and lowlights; otherwise, the space will not be veryEffects medium coloured with Resene Rolling comforting, and thats what we all want right now. Stone, cactus plant pot in Resene Celeste, vases In this new palette, neutrals also go warmer. Weand dishes in Resene Lime White, ReseneReseneside-step from cold greys towards warmer beiges suchBeethoven, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Toffee,Wildernessas Resene Dutch White, Resene Half Pearl Lusta andResene Hampton, Resene Teak and Resene Twine Resene Eighth Biscotti. Blues inspired by sea and skyand ball ornament in Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. Rug, mirror, cactus and olive cushion from are also here to stay.Freedom Furniture, other bedding from Citt,ReseneOcean greens such as Resene Thor are really onarmchair from Contempa.RavenTartan Quartz trend right now. Add a hint of a yellow or orange to a blue/green room to balance it out. Left: Plywood background stained in Resene Colorwood Sheer Black with A4 drawdown paintReseneReseneReseneswatches in (from left to right) Resene Half HairyRolling StoneDutch White Thor Heath, Resene Tequila and Resene Snow Drift, ReseneResenebud vase in Resene Buttercup and lidded dish in Artisan Half Pearl Lusta Alabaster Resene Tequila. Throw and dish from Citt. ReseneReseneResene ColorwoodScrubEighth Biscotti Sheer Black ReseneResene Toffee TeakReseneResene Hampton Papier Mache ReseneF E T O B E R A D E R E N I D T F ReseneResene HalfOlive GreenLime White Hairy HeathReseneResene Snow Drift Beethoven ReseneResene HalfReseneSwampDuck Egg Blue ButtercupReseneResene Pearl Lusta TuscanyReseneReseneReseneCrailFeatured: Artisan Available at selected retailers,Gold Coast Sante Fein Tartan Bells visit: www.feltex.comReseneResene Twine Prairie SandReseneOr contact us at: ReseneReseneFelixinfo@feltex.co.nz Tequila Stone Age9'