b"paint it rightChoose the right Resenecolours and paints for the job.The house is clad in Siberian larch, which has similar durable qualities to cedar but with a knottier look. Resene Woodsman Whitewash highlights the beautiful grain, while protecting the timber. For a deeper wood stain, Resene Waterborne Woodsman is available in a range of hues, including Resene CoolColour to reflect more heat in darker colours.be boldPat de Pont of SGA Architects encourages his clients to use bold colours for villas. I think there is a misconception that white or off-white is a traditional colour for villas. The The painting was underway when Kat realised it stillreality is that the original colours for wasnt right. I drove past the house and realised it lookedthese buildings were much bolder and paint technology in those days far too light. I panicked and raced to the Resene ColorShop.favoured rich earthy colours, he says. I suggested grey again, but they calmed my nerves, andInstead of picking out individual they suggested the darker shade, Resene Siam. elements of the villa exterior in When I have been lucky enough to travel to Europedifferent colours as the Victorians in the past. Id walk down the street and see purple-and- would have done, we kept the mix lime coloured houses, and it was so joyful. simple with a block of colour and Interior colour choices tie the villa and the extensioncontrasting window and door frames. WeResenetogether further. Resene Merino is used on the walls of mostused Resene Siam onGravelof the rooms, and Resene Cabbage Pont on the ceiling ofthe weatherboards, the bathroom links the exterior colour to the inside.Resene Double Sea The home's design was put to the test last year. ZoomFog for the doors and windows andResenemeetings and Zoom schooling meant the family put theResene Gravel toSiamzones to good use. We had a Zoom schedule so that weanchor the steps. could each try and find some quiet for our video calls. ItIf you are keen to was hysterical; one day, there were nine meetings on therecreate a palette of yesteryear, the Above top: The small schedule. My daughter went onto the trampoline for oneResene Heritage colour chart is a garden was planted withof her lessons, says Kat. handy place to start choosing colours many bee-attracting The home has worked out great. Were really gratefulinspired by traditional colour palettes. flowers including Order a Resene Heritage chart free verbena bonariensis. The for what we have and it brings us a lot of happiness.online, www.resene.com/ordercharts delicate purple flowers or pick up a copy at your Resene stand out against thedesign Pat du Pont, SGA Architects www.sgaltd.co.nz ColorShop or reseller.Even the best ideas are nothing withoutSiberian larch cladding images Simon Devitt www.simondevitt.com same samewhich is finished with Resenegarden images Neeve Woodward www.xanthewhitedesign.co.nzexecution. Why?Woodsman Whitewash. words Emma Rawson While the homes exteriors are Above bottom: Green fernspainted in contrasting shades, to Because they stay in your head and dont move the world. and mosses line the pathwayunify the interior, most of the villa that leads to the villa part ofResene Resene walls and its extension are the same We give our all for ideas: our engineering and our know-how. Half Merino Merino shadeResene Merino. The new the home which is painted in To create solutions that do more than just open and close cabinetry. Resene Siam with ReseneResene Resene living areas battened ceiling is a Double Sea Fog trims. Whitewash Cabbage Pont nod to the villas ceiling detail and is To meet your wishes. To improve the quality of living. So lets painted to complement it in Resene build the future together. turn the page for alternative looks forHalf Merino. Reseneblum.com/movingideasthis homes living area Double Sea Fog23"