b"colourful person special offerscarving a the ultimateniche decorating cardTake your Resene DIY Card along Hannah Jensen createsto your local Resene ColorShop or participating reseller to benefit from works of art with depththese great savings: literally. Theyre carved into layer upon layer upondiscounts off.layer of Resene paints.Resene premium paints, stains, primers and sealersWallpaper F or an artist, whose medium of choice is carving, A wide range of decorating accessoriesHannah Jensen spends a lot of time painting. Resene Curtain Collection curtains and fabrics (NZ only)Every day she picks up her paintbrush, dips it into a Resene colour, and sets to work painting layers of paint on plywood. She lets it dry, repeats and thenAnd, of course, a repeats again. Its a ritual that takes place from 40 tofreesubscription80 times as Hannah prepares her canvas with thickto habitat magazine.layers of colour. Once complete, she picks up her tool aSpeedballlinocutterwithaNo.1head(theplusenjoy special smallest available) and sets to work, carving delicatebulk discountsstrokes to reveal the colours. (NZ only) when you Its a technique Hannah created at university andspend more than has perfected and honed over the past 17 years. Ive$750 in one visit.always been creative, she says. When adults asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said an artist when the other kids said a fireman. During herFor colour lovers, get the price of your 60-80ml testpot Bachelor of Art and Design at the Auckland Universityor A4 drawdown/testpatch back when you purchase ofTechnology,Hannahusedmoretraditionalpaint or stain of the same colour. Simply bring back the printmaking techniques. In her second year, throughreceipt with the empty or part-fulltrial and error, she discovered carving into paint. Intestpot or the A4 drawdown/ my final year, I felt like a mad scientist, I made a lot oftestpatch when you purchasemistakes at first. One of her first shows was at a caf1 litre or more of ReseneonPonsonbyRoad,whichledtomorethan150premium paint or stainorders. And with that, she was on her way. tinted to the same colour.Hannahs love of nature shines through her piecesResene Opposite top: Artist Hannah Jensens work combines which include native birds and big game animals. ItsHannah is known for her attention to detail and a passion nurtured by visits to her late fathers Southintricacy of strokes. Her confidence in her talent hasGolden Tainoi painting with carving. there's more.African game farmher first when she was just eightopened doors to new opportunities, including workingAbove top: Hannahs artwork Kowhaihas 43 layers of paintTheres even a range of discounts and offers from otheryears old. The wildness and the animals had suchwith Christchurch teens through the See Me Project,in the shades Resene Golden Tainoi, Resene Half Scotch Miststores and suppliers. See www.resene.com/cardoffers for an impact on me. Nature is what makes me feelan art initiative with a wellbeing focus. Some 200and Resene Nero.further details on these offers.connected, grounded and part of the wider world. studentspainted200skateboardswiththehelpof Dish magazineHirepoolHer pieces include small florals and native birdsResenepaintsgivingthemaplatformtobeseenOpposite bottom and above bottom: The leopard fur detail Good magazineTile Warehousefor her piece Wild Leopardsuchaskakapoandtu aswellaslargeranimalsand heard. Resenetook hours to create. The ,painting, part of her exhibition Wild, is painted in 59 layers including zebras and elephants.Just as art ties Hannah to nature, its also helped herHot Toddy of Resene Jaguar, Resene Hot Toddy, Resene Putty andIf you dont have a card, apply at your local Resene Hannah layers her colours from dark to light, withform connections with her customers. When peopleResene Middle Earth.ColorShop or participating reseller or apply freethedepthofthetooldeterminingthecolourshecommission art, it brings special energy. Theyre treatingonline at www.resene.com/diycard.unveils. The more layers there are, the more colours shethemselves to something that feels good, that brings can introduce. She generally works with a minimum ofjoy and shares their story. Offers are valid in New Zealand to Resene DIY Cardholders only until 30 September 40 layers (two to three colours), up to 70 layers (five toResene Resene Resene 2021 and are not available in conjunction with any other offer, discount or Middle Earth Alert Tan Nero promotion. All companies reserve the right to amend or update their offers. sixcolours)usingReseneLumbersider.Occasionally,ToseemoreofHannahJensensartwork,visitSee www.resene.com/cardoffers for current offers. sheuses80.ReseneHotToddyhasbeenoneofwww.hannahjensen.co.nz. For more details on theResene Resene Resene ReseneJaguarherfavouritecolours,alongsideResenePoloBlue,See Me Project, visit www.seeme.org.nz. Half Scotch Mist Karry Blue BarkResene Atlas, Resene Blue Bark, Resene Alert Tan andResene Resene Resene ReseneResene Karry. words Cheree Morrison Putty Atlas Polo Blue Gin Fizz28 29"