b'calm and cosyResene F ood, water, warmth and shelter - these are ourOld sportbasic human needs. But as our pace of lifeWhile soft colours are usually a go-to for relaxation, deeper colours can also Midnight Moss becomes faster, and our world becomes morehave calming qualities. Walls painted in rich shades such as Resene Midnight complex, we require more than just shelter from theMoss have a cocoon-like quality that make a space feel like it\'s giving you a roof above our head. Modern interiors need to beloving hug. Pair with earth tones, leather and wooden furniture to create a calming, cosy sanctuaries that not only protect usmasculine space reminiscent of old-fashioned billiard rooms and parlours.Resene from the outside world but rejuvenate us. There are Clover many events we can\'t control, but one thing we canStoke the home fireschange is our homes interior. Dr Fiona Crichton, aPerhaps it stems back to our caveman days where a fire and shelter meant a healthpsychologyspecialistforMentemia,thehappy life, but a warm fire is immensely satisfying. Fireplaces spark conversation, mental health app launched by Sir John Kirwan, saysand even when they are unlit, they are a striking room feature. Decorate with Resene havingacomfortablehomespacecanhelpeasean ornamental pile of branches or pinecones. Transform an old fireplace mantel Lightningstress and promote positive mental wellbeing. using Resene Lustacryl waterborne semi-gloss enamel. Try a bold cosy look Yellow "Now,morethanever,it\'simportantthatwewith Resene Midnight Moss or Resene Merlot. embrace the idea of home as a refugea place where we can replenish, where we can kick back andResene have some fun, where we can just be," says Fiona. top tip Half AlabasterResene"It\'sarealchallengerightnowinour Thor hyperconnected and technology-driven world toYou really can\'t beat a screen. They Reseneswitch off. It\'s common to feel like the mind iscreate decorative interest, hide clutter Bandicoot runningonoverdrive.Spacesthatwereand create curves that soften a room. Resenetraditionallyusedforunwinding,liketheWe created this striking screen, inspired Sushi commute home, are now used for virtual workby the stained glass art of American Resenemeetings or emails."architect Frank Lloyd Wright, by painting Rob Roy The good news is that with a little DIY usingthe main panels in Resene Tequila with ReseneResene paint and colour, it\'s easy to create home\'leading\' in Resene Midnight Moss Leather spaces which feel rejuvenating. and coloured \'stained glass\' in Resene ReseneBandicoot, Resene Rob Roy and Resene Tequila Healing colours Lightning Yellow.ReseneColour can have a powerful effect on our mood. If Half Fossil ReseneReseneReseneResene you\'refeelingoverstimulatedoranxious,chooseNorway Nepal Frozen Merlotcolours which calm the mind. With its associations Left: Wall and fireplacewith sea and sky, blue has a serene quality evoking in Resene Midnighttheinfinitepossibilitiesofthewideblueyonder. Moss, floor in ReseneDrinking water is essential for our physical health. A Half Fossil and doorin Resene Leather.studypublishedinPsychologyTodayfoundthat Folding screen inproximity to the sea, lakes or other bodies of water is Resene Tequila withalso good for mental health promoting "calm, focus, leading in Resenecreativity, sleep quality and overall happiness". The Midnight Moss andcolour blue can have a similar effect. To create an coloured stained glasseasy, breezy blue space, try soft, dusty shades such as in Resene Bandicoot,Resene Frozen and Resene Nepal. Resene Rob Roy and Resene LightningGreen has similar peaceful qualities, reminding us Yellow. Vases in Reseneofforestsandbotanicalbeauty.Createagentle Leather, Resene Robgreen environment using refreshing grey-mint such Roy, Resene Clover,as Resene Norway or bluey-green like Resene Thor. Resene Sushi, Resene Lightning Yellow and Resene Bandicoot.Right: An arch screen painted in the soothing Lidded dish in ReseneCape Cod palette of Resene Half Alabaster with Tequila, painted books home comforts in Resene Lightningstripes in Resene Pattens Blue, creates a reading Yellow, Resene Cloveror knitting zone in the corner of any room. The and Resene Rob Roy,walls are Resene Half Alabaster, floor in Resene votive holder in ReseneRakaia and the short side table is in Resene Ship Lightning Yellow andCove. Pause Voile curtain in Naturalle from the tea light holder inResene Curtain Collection, armchair from Wolf & Resene Rob Roy. Sofa,Co, rug from Kmart, lamp from Lighting Plus, rug, tables fromthrow and cushion from H&M Home, vase from Freedom Furniture,Bed Bath and Table, candle from Flo & Frankie.Leave stress at the front door bymarble tray from H&M Home, Play the GameReseneResene creating a calming home that putsposter from Pictorem,Ship Cove Rakaiatennis racket fromResene mental wellbeing at the fore.Junk & Disorderly. Pattens Blue30 31'