b'NEW ZEALAND MADE calm and cosywww.warmington.co.nz 09 271 0891Slow it downJoin the slow food movement and sit down and enjoy your meals. Eating and cooking are both grounding experiences that help you tune into the present moment. Warm hues such as Resene Brown Sugar and Resene Wood Bark make kitchens and dining rooms feel welcoming. Create a space which encourages you to spread out on surfaces to prepare and get cooking. Sourdough anyone? Left: The simplicity of this dining area\'s warm palette keeps the focus on food and conversation. Floor and lower wall in Resene Canterbury Clay, top of the wall in Resene Spanish White with batten stripe in Resene Brown Sugar. The dining table, chairs and bench are in Resene Spanish White. Cabinet in Resene Brown Sugar and tall table in Resene Wood Bark. Small bowl on cabinet in Resene Wood Bark, round ball ornament in Resene Tussock, small hand-painted vase in Resene Spanish White with Resene Brown Sugar stripes, tall vase with large handles in Resene Wood Bark and small vase in Resene Brown Sugar. Small jug on tall table in Resene Bone, vase and artwork painted in Resene Tussock, Resene Calico and Resene Brown Sugar and large dish on dining table in Resene Brown Sugar. Throw from Adairs, all other items stylists own.ReseneReseneResene Canterbury Clay Brown Sugar CalicoReseneReseneResene Bone Tussock Wood Bark STUDIO WOODBURNERIconic design by Peter Haythornthwaite. Resene Available with wetback and in an Oven model. Spanish White7 Colour options. top tipFor soothing spaces use low sheen and flat paint finishes, such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and Resene SpaceCote Flat. The lower sheen finishes help to diffuse the light and make the room more relaxing than a glossier finish.Make your home your ownFiona says the most important way to create a relaxing space is to create a home you enjoy living in. "Everyoneisdifferent.Ilikeminimalism,clean lines and clear surfaces. That helps calm my amygdala (the part of the brain responsible for triggering the fight-or-flight response). I enjoy the impression that thingsareorganisedandundercontrol.Agreat friendfindsthisunsettling.Shefindscomfortin having her knick-knacks and many precious possessions around her. Her rooms are stuffed with treasures.If youre unsure whether your rooms need to be made calmer, Fiona suggests checking how you feel when you enter a room. "Take note, do your shoulders drop and does your breathing slow, as you relax? Do you feel happy to be there, or slightly on edge? Adding a splash of colourAbove: Resene Norway is a calming pastel green popular in the Art Nouveau can change a feeling of blah to a feeling of yeeha! Iera. Side walls in Resene Eighth Fossil, middle wall in Resene Norway, floor and havealotofredinmyhouse,includingResenesmall coffee table in Resene Quarter Fossil, large coffee table and cabinets in Resene Norway with inner door panels in Resene Rice Cake. Jug in Resene Pale Havoc, because I like it. It cheers me up. Again, it\'sLeaf, vases in Resene Rice Cake, Resene Amulet and Resene Pale Leaf and large about organising spaces that make you feel good."bowl in Resene Highland. Sofa from Freedom, linen cushion cover from H&M home, sage cushion from The Warehouse, tumbler from Citt, artwork from MentemiaisafreeappwhichcoachesmentalEtsy, candle from Bed Bath & Beyond, all other items stylist\'s own.wellbeing. Visit www.mentemia.com.ReseneReseneReseneResene styling Laura Lynn Johnston, Vanessa Nouwens, Eighth Fossil Rice Cake Amulet Pale LeafMelle van Sambeek ReseneReseneReseneResene images Bryce Carleton, Wendy Fenwick Quarter Fossil Norway Highland HavocWOODGASINDOOR OUTDOORINBUILTFREESTANDINGCUSTOM35'