b'featuregardenThe gardener said to me, Oh no dear, I wouldnt paint it that colour. Id go more for maroon. But I dont do maroon, Im sorry.TomconstructedoneoftheCapeCodchairs tucked into a corner of the front lawn, and their son Tim built the other chair in his woodwork class when he was at high school. Meg went for bold colours again, painting one chair in punchy Resene Energise and the other in a cocktail of Resene Roadster, Resene Sorbus and Resene Energise.Before I painted them, Tim said, Mum dont go nuts with it, just paint it a nice white or a black. Of course, I didnt listen. Instead, I painted the colours that remind me of a traffic-light ice-block.Lo and behold, the new rhododendron I had just planted next to it came up in precisely those same coloursa happy accident.The chairs are great in winter when its snowing, and everything in the garden is monochrome because you have that burst of colour. The garden has a childlike sense of fun. A family friendbuilttheoutdoorswingandTombuiltits structure, painted in Resene Ironsand to match the houses exterior.Artist Jane Downes metal sculpture of a little boy top tip on a swing hangs from a silver birch tree planted inResenethe 1960s. That tree has always had swings, piatasEnergiseTo make garden features such as gates and chairs stand out, useor tyres hanging from it. Now that my kids have growntop tipcolours that contrast with the green such as white, red, yellow, pinkup and left home, I needed a little boy playing in myIf you are using a darkReseneand orange. Opt for bright shades rather than muddied hues suchgarden again. exterior colour, rememberRoadsteras Resene Black White, Resene Red Hot and Resene Adrenalin. Bluesto ask for the Resene and browns are better colours for features youd like to blend intoCoolColour formula. It the garden. A trellis painted a rich green such as Resene Kaitokereflects more of the sunsAbove left: A hanging sculpture byGreen will work with the foliage on a climbing rose, making theUV, protecting the paintartist Jane Downes gives the garden a plant appear lusher. and the cladding byplayful feel.minimising heat stress and potential damage. Above right: Meg, Tom and their dog Resene Resene Resene Resene Texas love to sit on the swing. A friend Black White Red Hot Adrenalin Kaitoke Green built the swing and seat and Tom built the stand which he painted in Resene Ironsand to match the homes exterior.Left: The exterior of the home in front of Rosy outlook the knot garden is painted in Resene You need to be cruel to be kind with roses. Bushes will thank you after aIronsand on the extension and Resene heavy prune as it promotes flower growth and reduces disease. Midwinter,Napa on the original home. The deck is between June and mid-August, is the best time to pick up the secateurs.protected using Resene Kwila Timber The idea is to encourage airflow and increase the light on the plant. Stain. Remember to pick a slightly darker hue for your exterior than you would for Use sharp, clean secateurs andopposite direction of the bud.your interior, as the sun will often make make all cuts at a 45 angle. Dont be afraid to remove largeyour colour choice look lighter.Remove any dead-lookingsections of the bush. Aim to cut (brown) stems. Cut back deadback about a third of the plantOpposite top: The Cape Cod chairs are a stems to the stump. and create a clear space near theburst of colour in the front garden. The Cut back any spindly stems. Roseroses centre to encourageorange chair is Resene Energise and the stems should ideally be theairflow and prevent disease. multicolour chair is Resene Roadster, thickness of a ballpoint pen. With climbing roses, remove allResene Sorbus and Resene Energise.Cut down green stems to thedead branches and ensure ample first outward-facing bud. A budsupport for training the plant inOpposite bottom:Megs rose garden is a knob-like protrusionthe summerwooden trellis ishas grown and grown over the years. growing off the stem and it isideal. Usually, climbing rosesPictured clockwise from left Alexander, where new growth comes from.have one thick stemdont cutPat Austin, My Mum and Love Heart.Cut no more than 5mm abovethis too low as it might be slow the bud on a 45 angle in theto grow back. Resene ReseneNapa IronsandReseneSorbus38 39'