b'-dyalternative solutionzen harmonya harmonious garden with zenLandscape Designer Kerry Speirs of DIY Designs suggests this alternative scheme:A makeover inspired by traditional Japanese and Chinese gardens anchors the home to the landscape with tiered hardscaping that creates a gracious transition from the home down to the lawn. From the deck I placed irregular-sized timber steps stained with Resene Iroko which are flanked by cloud pruned buxus interspersed with tulips at the deck. A stepped timber boardwalk, also in Resene Iroko, extends boldly out from the home and pushes out between two shallow reflection ponds, giving the illusion of floating over one large pond. The low concrete walls of the ponds are painted Resene Raging Bull to provide a pop of colour year-round and echo the colourful tones of the red maple trees. Poured in-situ concrete pavers, finished with Resene Concrete Conserver, extend through the lawn surface and link to areas of loose pebble which are studded with large feature rocks to provide casual seating close to the ponds.emailkerry@diydesigns.co.nz web www.diydesigns.co.nzResene FoundryDwarf Mondo GrassPalmers Garden Centreswww.palmers.co.nz0800 725 6377Resene WaterborneWoodsman BarkErgo Outdoor Chairs London Darwin Hybrid Tulip Cuchi Bulbs Directwww.cuchi.co.nz www.bulbsdirect.co.nz 09 377 0980 09 432 1000Japanese Maple BloodgoodPalmers Garden Centresbefore www.palmers.co.nzAbove: This bold design creates colour and interest year-round.illustration0800 725 6377The bright red of Resene Raging Bull around the ponds ties inMalcolm White ReseneResenewith spring flowering red tulips and Bloodgood JapaneseSilver Chalice Camouflagemaples which have vibrant leaves that change from spring to autumn. The reds contrast with the vibrant greens of the papyrus in the ponds and round shapes of the mondo grass andResene buxus. The homes timber cladding is in Resene Silver ChaliceWoodsman Irokoand the extension is in Resene Foundry to create an earthy palette which ties in with the Resene Woodsman Iroko used on the deck and stairs and Resene Waterborne Woodsman Bark on the privacy screen on the right, behind the butterfly iris. top tipButterfly Iris DietesMegs garden is vulnerable to strong wind at times. WhenPalmers Garden Centresconcrete is used as a landscaping feature protect it fromwww.palmers.co.nzdust and dirt by applying Resene Walk-on Concrete Clear.0800 725 6377 Resene Concrete can also be stained in a range of colours using Raging Bull Resene Concrete Stain.42 43'