b'bright ideasAn easy pallet screenRubbish bins can be an eyesore but need to be close to the house and driveway for practical reasons. A pallet is just the right height for hiding a standard rubbish bin. For this project, three pallets were screwed together and painted with Resene Zircon, Resene Aviator on the edges and Resene Morning Glory for the street-number detailing. Pallets come in different sizes, make sure your pallet is tall enough to hide your bin. To create the screen:Stand two pallets side by side vertically and at a 90 degree angle. Screw Three ways them together at the top, bottom and in the middle. Line the third pallet up to create the third side of your box, screw together at the top, middle with screensand bottom. Paint all three pallets in Resene Zircon.Outdoor screens are To create the blue Resene Aviator edges, cut fence palings to the height incredibly versatile. Theyand width of the two side pallets (our pallet was 1225mm in height x create privacy, hide1005mm width x 145mm depth). Sand and paint in Resene Aviator, allow unsightly everyday itemsto dry. Nail these to the front and top of the two side pallets.such as rubbish binsFor instructions on how to make this pallet screen, visit and create zones forwww.habitatbyresene.com/diy-pallet-screen.entertaining.These three screen ideasReseneuse a variety of new andAviator top tip Hinged privacy screenupcycled materials. PaintResene Use a stencil to paint your house number on the side them the same colourMorning Glory of your screen. You could even paint a matchingThis sturdy screen, built from six timber planks (2400mm as your home with aResene number on your bin if your council allows it. length x 90mm width x 45mm depth) and 8 fence palings colourful accent, or makeZircon (1800mm length x 150mm width x 19mm depth), is a a statement with brightstriking garden feature painted in Resene Bali Hai and contrasting colours. Resene Coast. Hinges allow the screen to bend around objects, making it ideal for creating garden rooms or entertaining zones. It can also wrap around objects youd Rusty-look screen like to hide.A standard piece of timber trellis becomes a vintage-styleCut plan: feature using Resene FX Faux1. Vertical sides: cut six planks of 2400mm long xRust Effect coating. Use this90mm wide x 45mm deep timber into six lengths ofproduct to create the look of1800mm. These will make the vertical sides of theaged steel on surfaces suchscreen. Make sure you keep the offcuts.as wood and concrete. The2. Horizontal sides: from each of the offcuts above, cut a colour of the coating changes480mm length. You will be left with six 120mm offcuts and weathers over time,(not used in this project).similar to real steel but at a3. Privacy slats: using the fence palings, cut each 1800mm more budget-friendly price. length fence paling into three lengths of 600mm (finalTo create this look, apply measurement will be 600mm x 150mm x 19mm)two coats of Resene FX FauxTo create: Rust Effect basecoat, thenCut all the timber planks and fence palings to size.Resene FX Faux Rust Effect To build each frame, arrange the pieces together laying activator which creates thethem in a rectangle with the top horizontal pieces (2) for weathered steel rust effect. each frame flush inside the vertical side plank pieces (1).Fix the pieces together with wood glue and screws.Secure the lower horizontal side 360mm from the endtop tip of the vertical side. Above: This pallet Place the first privacy slat (3) 50mm from the top and nail Just like with real rust,screen is painted in Pallet power in place. Measure 20mm between each slat and place Resene FX Faux Rust EffectResene Zircon withThere is a myriad of ways to upcycle wooden pallets can discolour surfaces itin an outdoor area. Transform them into verticalremaining slats, working your way down the frame.Resene Aviator on touches. It is best used onthe sides andgarden walls, outdoor benches, potting tables orTo assemble: non-contact areas. YouResene Morningeven outdoor furniture. When creating garden beds Line up your three finished frames on the ground.can finish it with ReseneGlory on the streetor vertical walls using pallets, make sure you useConnect the frames with hinges.Waterborne Aquapel fornumber detailing.untreated pallets to ensure chemicals dont leach Corrugated fenceinto your soil. While untreated timber pallets willFor full instructions, visit added protection. painted in Resenedeteriorate over time, coats of Resene paint on the Gravel, gate inoutside will help them last longer. www.habitatbyresene.com/diy-hinged-screen.Resene Above: This trellis screen creates privacy at the front of this villa. The screen is painted in Resene Half Tapa.Resene Resene Resene Above: Resene Bali Hai and Resene Coast are a bold colour Tussock Resene FX Faux Rust Effect to give the look of weathered steel.Coast Half Tapa Gravel duo on this screen, which hides a broken water feature. ReseneBali Hai46 47'