b'bright ideas spouting and downpipes with Marley Left: This concrete rain-barrel stand is painted in an ombre effect. From top to bottom: Resene Onahau, Resene Morning Glory, Resene Fountain Blue and Resene Hippie Blue. The rain-barrel is connected to a Marley Twist water diverter and hose. Weatherboards painted in Resene Half Mondo and gate in Resene Half Tapa. Resene ReseneOnahau Hippie BlueResene ReseneHalf Mondo Half TapaOutdoor projectchecklist rainy day d Give concrete paths, patios and decks a refresh with Resene Deep Clean. This long-lasting product keeps outdoor areas free from moss, mould, algae and lichen, which can thrive in wet weather. Apply direct to the surfaceno scrubbing required or use a Resene Deep Clean trigger pack attached to your hose for quick and easy application to large areas. Collect seeds from your favourite heirloom vegetables and store inM anagingrainwaterisan envelopes in a cool dark place for planting in spring. importantaspectofhome Collect falling leaves from trees formaintenance. Quality spouting compost. Prune branches from treesand downpipes help ensure your home is that may cause damage in storms. weathertightandstructurallysound.For slippery concrete, timber andSpoutingpreventserosion,basement bitumen surfaces, clean, prepare flooding, staining and paint damage, and and then apply Resene Non-Skid mould and mildew growth. Choosing the Deck & Path. This finish has a light gritright solution not only protects your home Rainy days texture to give feet and shoes Water shortages are becoming an issue in many regions with councils placing something to grip, reducing the risk ofbut improves the street appeal.restrictions on watering gardens during the summer months. A rainwater barrel orwet weather accidents. ThatswhereStratusDesignSeries tank connected to a downpipe diverter is a simple way of collecting rain from the Clear the decks and pack away outdoorcomesin.Withfivecoloursandtwo roof for future use on the garden or outdoors.furniture that might get damaged inspouting profiles to choose from, there is a Autumn and winter are the ideal time to set up a rainwater harvesting systemwet weather. Use the opportunity tosolution to suit any style of home or roof. and prepare for the times of the year when your garden needs the water the most.give your deck protection with ReseneThe range is where style meets durability.This simple system uses a 200-litre food-grade plastic barrel, a downpipeFurniture and Decking Oil or stain with diverter (we used Marley Twist) and a concrete-block stand decorated with Resenecolours from the Resene Woodsman Cut and keeppaints. The stand, strong enough to take the barrels weight when it is full of water,range. If staining a dark colour, consider is made of eight concrete blocks, a paver and timber to make a wooden platformchoosing a shade from the Resene where the barrel sits. Weve worked with the plastic barrels blue colour creating anCoolColour range, which reflects more ombre blue effect using Resene Onahau, Resene Morning Glory, Resene Fountainheat, keeping the deck cooler on feet in Blue and Resene Hippie Blue.summer than the standard colour.Dont put this project in the too-hard basketits straightforward and only takes Plant bulbs such as tulips, freesias andMarley has been making reliable spouting, downpipe and rain harvesting products in a few hours to set up. The combined cost of the barrel, stand and diverter wasdaffodils ahead of spring. Add pops ofNew Zealand for over 50 years. These products are designed to withstand New under $500it could be even cheaper with upcycled materials.colour to your garden by planting bulbs Zealands harsh UV environment, and most importantly, will not rust or corrode, even in terracotta pots painted within the heavy salt-laden coastal air. For instructions on how to make this rain-barrel stand, visit complementary shades of Resene paint. All Marley rainwater products are made of uPVC, an environmentally smart choice www.habitatbyresene.com/diy-rain-barrel-stand. because it takes a small amount of energy to make, lasts a long time and at end of life can be 100% recycled. Marley New Zealand will accept back and recycle many of projects and styling Sacha Wackrow images Bryce Carleton Resene Resene its products. This includes offcuts of products created during the installation process. Morning Glory Fountain Blue48HB34 Marley 2pp branded content v5.indd 61 12/02/21 10:30 AM'