b"bathroomsCombine Marleys stylish spouting and downpipe products with an easy to install Marley Twist and Marley Curve toNeed to knowfilter and capture rainwater for outdoor use.Most councils encourage rainwater collection but check Rainwater collected in a storage tank or barrel is idealyour local rules before installing a rainwater harvesting for watering the garden, topping up the pool, washing carssystem to check you don't need consentor muddy dogsall things that dont need treated water.FollowingAucklandswaterrestrictions,theCouncil Rainwater can be used in an emergency to flush the toiletrequirement to get a building consent for smaller tanks or wash clothes. has been relaxed, though size and situational specifics may still apply.Designed to match the Marley Stratus Design SeriesInWellington,thecouncilhassubsidisedasmall-tank range of spouting and downpipes, the Marley Twist waterprogramme where ratepayers are encouraged to divert diverter and Marley Curve leaf diverter are ideal for DIYers.water for emergencies.To build a simple gravity-fed system all you need is a MarleyMany urban Councils now require the installation of leaf Twist, a Marley Curve and a potable water-grade barrel/ and debris diverters on new build developments to help small tank. reduce the strain on stormwater systems.T he colour pink is associated with calm, love andappropriately in at the current climatekindness. But its not the most obvious choice for bathrooms. Its more often used in bedrooms and childrens play areas and it can also look, well, saccharine, which can make it feel a Marley Twist Marley Curve first blush bit of a risky choice.isenjoyingarevival.Rosypinkwallssignify Andyet,thecolour optimism. Check out Resene Hopbush and then ask yourself why youre smiling. Pink can make people happy, which is perhaps one of the reasons designers are increasingly turning to it. Its energy can reinvent any room, especially a bathroom, where it is less expected.Cut and keepRetro reinventionThe Marley Twist water diverter is a component which changes aPutting a Marley Curve at the top of each downpipe prevents single downpipe into a tap. Twist the diverter to on to capture aleaves and debris entering rainwater tanks or the stormwaterPink can be polarising butPinks connection with cheerfulness is a reason for its long association with bathrooms. After World War II, its use represented a departure from portion of the water flowing down your downpipe. Twist back to offsystem, reducing the chances of blockages and contamination.take a fresh look, and you willthe monotone drabness and austerity of wartime colour schemes. In the once the tank is full to cut off the flow. A hose clips to the outflow spigot with a standard hose fitting and feeds your barrel or tank. find it surprisingly versatile.1950s, First Lady Mamie Eisenhower favoured it throughout the executive residence, earning The White House a new moniker: The Pink Palace. It was a quintessential part of mid-century interiors, perhaps one of the Both products come in six different coloursBlack, Grey Friars, Ironsand, Titanium, Copper and, reasons why its again being picked for new and renovated bathrooms.of course, White, which can be matched and coordinated with Resene paint and wood stain colours. ReseneHalf Alabaster Above: Kitchen and bathroom designer Melanie John used Resene Both are made to work seamlessly with Marleys RP80 80mm round downpipe system. Wafer on the walls of this Opaheke bathroom. The door is painted in Resene Quarter Resene Resene Quarter Bison Hide, the trim in Resene Quarter Sisal and the Adaptors are available for Marleys RP65 65mm round downpipe.Bison Hide Waferwww.marley.co.nz Resene Resene ceiling in Resene Half Alabaster.Resene Quarter Sisal Hopbush Sakura51HB34 Marley 2pp branded content v5.indd 62 12/02/21 10:30 AM"