b'bathrooms bathroomsReseneModern romance Peachy keen WaferThe simplest way to decorate a pink bathroom is, ofWallpaper can be another a great way to introduce colour and course,topaintit.TheownersofthisOpaheketexture to a space without overwhelming it. This bathroom, bathroom (see page 51) asked designer Melanie Johnwhich features a Resene Wallpaper Collection P031-VD3 wall ofAucklandsCubeDentro(www.cubedentro.co.nz)mural, is an inspiring example of how a feature wall can take a for a fresh, modern look for their master ensuite. Shebathroom from ordinary to outstanding. Pair it with flooring in recommended Resene Wafer, a fine, biscuity pink thatResene Colorwood Natural and walls and trims in a warm white ties in beautifully with the blue and grey tones in thesuch as Resene Half Pearl Lusta or Resene Bianca. rest of their 1960s home.Bathroom art, such as murals, must be able to withstand a The homeowners have a love for colour, and wemoist and humid environment, so it makes sense to ensure the wanted to create a space that was soft and trendy,room is well-ventilated. In terms of subject matter, water scenes she says. While we stayed safe with the grey andlike this are an obvious choice as are botanical prints. And how white tiles, we wanted something that would pop onabout a world map upon which the eye can linger while you lay the wall to give it some colour and fun. She saysback in the bath and dream of distant horizons?she sampled a few Resene shades and settled on ReseneWafer,whichcomplementedtheexistingNeutral zonestiles, blue vanity and Resene Quarter Bison Hide doorWhenitcomestochoosingwallpapersandcoloursfora colour perfectly. room,preferencescandifferaccordingtopersonality.She might like vivid fuchsia; he might be a fan of earthy green. But Rosy thoughts thatdoesntmakethecaseforincreasedneutrality, Its true that pink is more often used in nurseries anddecoratively-speaking. bedrooms. But when it is used as a neutral in theTraditionally feminine colours such as pink and apricot can same way as soft grey, shell blue or sage green, it canbe used in a house without anyone needing to escape to their be the opposite of sugary or childlike. There are twoman cave (or she-shed). And the best place to experiment? main ways: as the main eventon walls and fixturesThe experts all agree: the guest bathroom is the best place toor as an accent colour.have some decorating funthe more playful and elaborate, Towels are an obvious and easy way of introducingthe better. an added dimension to a bathroom painted in a soft bluein this case, Resene Longitude, a chalky pastel grey-blue. In general, powdery pastel shades workResenebeautifully in bathrooms since they have a calmingBiancaeffect, eminently suitable for a room thats nowadaysReseneColorwood Resene Above: This sunset scene mural, Resene Wallpaper Collection considered a place to unwind and pampermoreNatural Half Pale Rose P031-VD3, transforms this bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. luxe home spa than utility room.Pair with a warm white wall colour such as Resene Bianca.Resene Resene Resene Colours such as Resene Midwinter Mist, Resene Longitude Streetwise WaferResene Resene Resene Soothe, Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Powder Midwinter Mist Juniper Soothe Blue and Resene Half Washed Green from the KarenPink hints ReseneResene Resene Resene Walker Paints collection are ideal chalky shades toUndeniably warm and romantic, a soft pink such asshades) can also make a space look closed in;Cupid Half Duck Egg Blue Half Washed Green Sakura team with muted pink accents.Resene Paper Doll can reinvent any room, especiallymake sure your bathroom gets plenty of light Resene Resene QuarterResene when teamed with copper such as Resene Burningor adjust your lighting to suit.ResenePowder Blue Bison Hide Half Pohutukawa Sand, teal such as Resene Teal Blue or bright blueTrue pastels such as Resene Cupid are cool inPaper Dollsuch as Resene Half Resolution Blue. tone and can make a room feel summery,When used as an accent, a statement hot pink shadebut those containing a touch of grey or red Above: The blush pink basin and rose gold mixer, both from Plumbline,such as Resene Pink Panther is anything but childlike,such as Resene Bone are great at warmingpop against the walls which are painted in Resene Longitude. FurtherReseneparticularly when paired with an earthy shade such asup a space.Pink Panther pink accents come through with the vase and duckboard, both painted inResene Chelsea Gem. If all else fails and you cant bring yourself to Resene Half Pohutukawa. The vanity and splashback are Resene JuniperSome shades of pink, such as Resene Half Pale Rose,jump in wholeheartedly, consider introducing and the monstera hooks are painted in Resene Streetwise. Mirror fromare so light, theyre almost white. They dont havepink accessories. Paint baskets in a coral-pink Palliser, shower curtain and duckboard from Kmart, towel from Adairs,Resenebasket, soap and sponge from Citt, slippers stylist\'s own. Styling Mellethe immediate transformative effect of a boldsuch as Resene Sunglo or Resene Big Bang,Bonevan Sambeek.fuchsia, but they are equally as lovely and a farprime metal robe hooks with Resene GP subtler way to transform a space.Metal Primer and paint with Resene Cupid, Right: Interior designer Becky Lee (www.beckyleeinteriors.co.nz) choseAdding a touch of the impossible-to-ignore pink,create a fuchsia-framed mirror with ReseneResenewarm Resene Sakura for the bathroom of her 1950s bungalow. The pinkResene Irresistible, is an effortless way to update aSmitten and add blush touches with pinkSunglocolour warms up the cold bathroom on the south side of her home.grey or beige roomtry it on a piece of furniture.soaps, even a rosy carpet runner. Baby steps."Originally it was painted in a cool off-white and combined with theHappy to make an additional statement? Hot pink is granite vanity and tiled floor, it always felt like I was walking into abest mates with colours such as orange, purple andResene Resene Resenefridge," she says. "I wanted to add warmth to the space and use a colourdeep green. Try Resene Energise, Resene Daisy BushHalf Pearl Lusta Energise Daisy Bushthat suited the era of the house. Resene Sakura works so beautifully withor Resene Aquamarine. Resene Resene Resenethe crisp white fixtures, granite and the green houseplants. I love theA chair painted in a hot pink such as Resene ColourIrresistible Burning Sand Aquamarineresultnow it feels like walking into a lovely warm hug," she adds. Me Pink, or a line-up of plush pink towels all pack aResene Resene Resenedistinctly tropical punch.Colour Me Pink Big Bang Teal Blue images Bryce Carleton, Melanie John, Becky Lee Despite its sunny sensibilities and ability to bounceResene Resene Resene Half words Tracey Strange light around a room, pink (especially the strongerSmitten Chelsea Gem Resolution Blue52 53'