b"natural Resenebright ideas for kidsAlabasterwonders N ature is having a momentand it's bringing out the childlike wonder in us all. After a year of spending far too long gazing wistfully out of windows, every warble of birdsong, grain of sand Children's bedroom in our shoe and sunny day is an event worth basking in and celebrating.ideas inspired by theCapture that joy and bring it inside with these Resene-hued children's rooms. A bedroom makeover remarkable world outside. canbeafunnature-basedactivity,evenonthe rainiest of days. Choose conservation conversation starters for young ones, break out the Resene testpots and paint your own night sky or decorate a room dedicated to feathered friends.top tip Penguin power ReseneThis is one cool room. With a palette that includesFrozenA wall painted inResene Frozen, penguins and children alike will feelmake a hoiho hamperResene SpaceCote rightathomeinthisicyretreat.Whetheryou'reTurn a plain, lidded clothes hamper Low Sheen can inspired by little blue penguins, Antarctica's majesticinto a cute, stylised yellow-eyedResenebe used as aemperors or the well-styled rockhopper, this timelesspenguin (hoiho) using favouriteMatissechalkboard.theme will have both toddlers and preteens in a flap. Resene paint colours. We used Warning,icebergahead.Theocean-inspiredResene All Black for the body of combination of Resene Quarter Frozen, Resene Seathe penguin, Resene Alabaster forResenethe tummy, Resene Bright Spark forSmoke TreeFog and Resene Spinnaker on the walls complementsthe eyes, Resene Smoke Tree for the quirky painted headboard. To create your frozenthe top of the beak, Resene Ayers masterpiece,startwithtwobasecoatsofReseneRock for the bottom of the beak SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel tinted toand Resene Roxy for the feet. OnceResenethe aptly named Resene Quarter Frozen. Apply theseyour first coat of paint has dried,Fuel Yellowover the entire surface of your wall, from floor toapply a second coat in each colour. Basket from Freedom Furniture. ceiling.WepaintedourseainReseneSpinnakerDresser in Resene Quarter Frozen 70cmfromthefloor.Planoutthedesignofthe(upper half) and Resene Spinnaker. Reseneiceberg first on paper with a pencil and label whichBright Sparkpaint colour you will use to colour each section. WeAbove: Stool in Resene Frozen, box in Resene used three colours to give our iceberg dimension Matisse and pencil cup in Resene Fuel Yellow. ReseneSeaFog,ReseneFrozenandReseneBlueDIY penguin hamper in Resene All Black, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Bright Spark, Resene Smoke Moon. Use high quality painters tape to mask aroundTree, Resene Ayers Rock and Resene Roxy. the areas where you will be applying your first iceberg colour then paint each of those sections in two coatsReseneReseneResene Sea Fog Spinnaker Neroof paint.TherearecountlessopportunitiestoletyourReseneReseneResene Quarter Frozen Bullitt Tacaocreativity fly. Resene testpots are your friend in thisReseneReseneResene room, with small bursts of colour adding to the fun.Blue Moon All Black RoxyStyling takes a feathered twist with splashes of ReseneResene Bright Spark, Resene Smoke Tree, Resene Ayers RockAyers Rockand Resene Tacao. Take a set of skittles (bowling pins) and turn them into little penguin masterpieces. PrimeOpposite: The cool iceberg design is an easy detail to add to a bedroom the skittles with a coat of Resene Waterborne Smoothwall. Use painter's tape and three shades of paint to create 3D-looking ice shards. Upper wall in Resene Quarter Frozen, lower wall and floor in SurfaceSealer(ifyourskittlesaremadeofsealedResene Spinnaker. Iceberg painted headboard in Resene Sea Fog, wood or plastic or Resene Quick Dry if your skittles areResene Frozen and Resene Blue Moon. Dresser in Resene Quarter Frozen made of unsealed wood) before using a basecoat of(upper) and Resene Spinnaker (lower), shelf in Resene Blue Moon and Resene Nero, with Resene Sea Fog as their featheredpendant lamp in Resene Bright Spark. Plant pot in Resene Matisse and belly and eyes. A beak painted in Resene Smoke Treevases in Resene Frozen, Resene Matisse, Resene Bullitt and Resene Fuel and feet in Resene Tacao complete the transformation.Yellow. DIY penguin skittles in Resene All Black, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Once youve mastered the skittles, give the washingSmoke Tree and Resene Roxy. Duvet, pillowcases and quilt from Citt, throw from Freedom Furniture, Resene Living cushion from Briscoes, basket a matching makeover. penguin puppet from Toyco.58 59"