b'doing itReseneFrench PassReseneHalf PearlLustaReseneBardot hell Both women are from Germany. While Jeanine has lived in Newtop tipZealand for more than three decades, Heike arrived in 2015; and itResene Quick Dry is a waterborne primer undercoat which is happinesswas Heikes eye for beauty and need for furniture that led to theideal for redecorating pre-loved wooden furniture. Apply formation of Bye Bye Love. Heike had admired Jeanines new houseprior to painting to even out wooden surfaces damaged by in a magazine and, when she happened upon it, she was so pleasedwear and tear. she stepped right into Jeanines garden. I looked out and saw these Above: The body and frame of this sideboard, entitled Green Meet an Auckland duostrangers staring at my house, so I went out and said, Excuse me,with Envy is painted in Resene Deep Teal. The retro pattern is whose creative outletcan I help you? says Jeanine.painted in Resene Home Run, Resene Deep Sea, Resene Blue It turns out; she could. Heike and her husband had arrived withLagoon and Resene Black. The background is Resene Rice Cake.involves furniture insuitcases and nothing else. They needed furniture, and as wed just Resene Resene Reseneneed of a facelift andmoved into a new house, we had furniture we no longer wanted.Deep Sea Home RunDeep TealHeike could have it, but first, we wanted to make it pretty. tins and tins of vibrantTogether they began to refashionsimply at first, adding nicer Resene paints. handlesoranewstain.Then,astheirconfidencegrew,theyThats all an advantage as the pair usually work on a piece together. ventured into paint. Friends started requesting pieces of furnitureStarting with the fixing, preparation and primingusing Resene and so Bye Bye Love began.Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoatbefore moving onto the From the very beginning, Resene was the paint of choice. Resenefun stuff, with the design and painting with Resene Enamacryl Above: These groovy drawers areT heresaroominJeanineOxeniussandpaper and a lick of paint. The pair turnsis good quality. Its durable, for starters, and our furniture is designedgloss waterborne enamel. Since founding Bye Bye Love, Heike and painted in bold blue ReseneAucklandhomethatsanorganisedhumdrumdrawers,wardrobes,tablesandto be used, says Jeanine.Jeanine estimate they have prettied up at least 100 pieces, working Aquarius and Resene French Passconfusion of colour. Its where Jeaninechairswhatever, reallyinto works of art.And,ofcourse,thecolourchoiceisincredible.Colourisup to six days a week. Thats about 100 pieces into which theyve with sunny flowers in Reseneandherbusinesspartner,HeikeRzehulek- Gorgeous designs in vibrant colours are expertlyabsolutely everything to what we do, says Heike.poured their sweat, creativity, artistic visionand litres of Resene Bardot and Resene Half PearlSchmitt,repair,re-imagineandreinvigoratepainted on, taking advantage of the woodsWhile Heike and Jeanine use colours that please their customers,paint. But its 100 pieces that, after all that work and love, they have Lusta on the frame. Otherfurnitureand its just as the pair want it.innate beauty while masking any faults acquiredthey certainly have their favourites. They say clients tend towardshad to bid farewell. detailing in Resene QuarterOur workshop is quite messy, but its awith age.shades that reflect natureour oceans and native bushReseneThus, the name, Bye Bye Love. Sandstone and Resene Black.veryproductivemess,saysJeanine.When we see furniture thats old, brokenDeep Teal, Resene Hippie Blue, Resene Surfie Green, Resene St Kilda Team with kitchen cabinetry painted in a pale cerulean blueWehavesandpapereverywhere,brushesand ugly we say, Give it to meI want toand Resene Guru are popular.ToseemoreofHeikeandJeanineswork,visittheirwebsite such as Resene Escape.androllers,andatleast50coloursofmake it pretty. Then, we sand it back and seeHeike says her own colour choices are generally relatively restrainedwww.byebyelovenz.co.nz.Resene paint. the potential in it, says Jeanine.compared with Jeanines, and she particularly loves Resene Wax Flower Above right: Bye Bye LoveJeanineandHeikehavebeenupcyclingAlthough they sometimes find and finesseandReseneJuniper.JeaninetendstowardsReseneScrumptious,words Lee Anne Duncanfounders Heike Rzehulek-Schmittfurniture together for nearly four years, threefurniture for sale, most pieces in the Bye ByeResene Adrenalin and Resene Sushi. Heike is quite refined, and Im (left) and Jeanine Oxenius (right)or so formally as their business, Bye Bye Love.Love workshop are commissions. Customersquite bright. She brings me down a little bit, and I bring her out a littleResene Resene Resenelove choosing vibrant ReseneWholeheartedlyembracingthereduce,re- come with a piece they want to be madebit, so we complement each other, says Jeanine. Rice Cake Juniper Sushicolours for their upcycled designs.use, recycle ethos, they take wooden piecesbeautiful.WetalkwiththemaboutwhatWe do have different styleswe are two different individualsResene Resene Resenein need of a fresh face and use their artisticthey want and what they like. Ideally, we also but we work together really well, says Heike.Wax Flower Hippie Blue Blue LagoonResene ReseneEscape Aquarius skills to turn them into something beautiful.visit their home so we can make sure ourWe can argue over different shades of red, blue or green for hours.Resene Resene ReseneButforgetanynotionsthattheirdesigns will fit in with their space, their otherBut its good fighting, and often we find a middle ground or come upScrumptious Surfie Green St KildaResene QuarterResene Resene Resene ReseneSandstone Black ministrationsrepresentamereflickofpieces and soft furnishings, says Heike. with something neither of us might have expected, says Jeanine.Adrenalin Guru Black62 63'